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Storage Tanks: An Artist’s Dream Canvas

If you work in the tank storage industry, you’re probably used to the varying sizes of tanks and what liquids it holds. But for artists, they see a massive blank canvas waiting to be coloured on. So to show the public the tank industry’s colourful personality, we get artistic. Check below for inspiration projects that [...]

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Life After Storage Tank Death: 9 Cool Converted Storage Tanks

While it’s not recommended to use an old oil tank for supplying drinking water, there are many other ways to up-cycle a contaminated tank, converting it to something else to extend its life and reduce trash. The following is a collection of cool, converted storage tanks – both oil and other – that have found [...]

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Storage Tank on the Outside, Massive Sound Installation on the Inside

Traditionally, storage tanks are used for holding a variety of substances like water, lava, oil, fuel, and many others. Storage tanks also have other applications and are further used by common industries in chemical processing, cosmetics processing, etc. But just recently, a 36-year-old artist from Switzerland found another great use out of a 42-foot-tall chemical [...]

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17 storage tank photos that will make you smile

A local paint store turned this storage tank into a paint can. An oil storage tank turned into an apartment (photo by Nina Ruud). A must have for any storage tank fan. “Stool bus”. Do we need to say more? Pumpkin Conoco Refinery. A perfect place for a photo on Halloween. Storage tank in Roswell, [...]

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