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Protective Coatings: The Way Forward, Naturally.

Phoenix, AZ. “We see a clear path to pushing the green product boundaries even further. We already have the greenest protective coatings commercially available with performance considerably superior to most conventional ones,” said Castagra Products, Inc. CEO, Peter Roosen. “But, we are not standing still. The bioplastics industry is expanding rapidly with a wide variety [...]

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Importance of Color in Industrial Coating Applications

  Colors follow trends for aesthetics and branding purposes.   But in the protective coating industry, certain colors have different functions for different industries, like reducing internal temperatures for the storage tank industry, or camouflage for military applications.   For military applications, ship camouflage paint is used to gain an advantage against opponents. The purpose [...]

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How We Approach Coating Quality at Castagra

  Castagra Products is committed to understanding, meeting, and when possible, exceeding our customer’s requirements through continuous improvement of our protective coating material, Ecodur.   Our goal is to meet industry demand for new and environment-friendly protective coating products through innovation, research and development, and testing. Our Ecodur industrial coating is composed of renewable materials [...]

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Happiness Is . . .

What is happiness to you? Is it . . . A perfectly brewed cup of coffee? A meeting that ends on time? No rush-hour traffic to and from work Landing that seven-figure contract? Hearing laughter from your family? While we’re on a job site, happiness is . . .   · A tank coating project [...]

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Ecodur 201: Coating more Summit Tanks (Coating Specialties)


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Fort Worth Botanical Gardens – Case Study

A well-known Texas public attraction was extending its parking facilities when the contractor uncovered industrial waste that, while not particularly noxious, was going to be an expensive waste disposal issue. Problem. During construction of the parking lot at the Fort Worth Botanical gardens, the contractor found dozens of 55 gallon drums filled with waste (mill [...]

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Colorado Lining Brings Tough ‘Green’ Containment Membrane To Market

Parker, CO – Colorado Lining International, Inc and Castagra Products, Inc. have paired up to bring the containment industry an environmental benign containment solution to market using a safe, non-toxic, vegetable oil based plastic that has a 20-year pedigree of protecting ships and concrete structures. The Ecodur Spray Liner System is also a solvent free [...]

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Castagra’s ‘Green’ Veggie Plastic Protective Coatings Goes Sprayable With No Toxic Solvents Involved

Protective coatings and mouldings technology company Castagra Products Inc., announced today successful spray trials of its veggie plastic protective coating ECODUR 201 without the use of solvents. The use of solvents continues to be a major environmental and health concern in the protective coatings industry. Tightening environmental regulations have resulted in the ban of many [...]

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