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Q&A: Using Ecodur to Coat Interlocking Tank Pads

Q: Can Ecodur be used to spray interlocking tank pads for Above Ground Storage Tanks? A: Yes, Ecodur can be used to coat interlocking tank pads. We have great adhesion to polystyrene and our elongation properties make it a great fit. We have done many successful tank pad coating projects in the past. It’s a [...]

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Advantages of Castagra’s Ecodur over Polyurea & Polyurethane Coatings

Beauty may only be skin deep, but as we all know, skin does not have to be overly thick to protect. The same goes for industrial coatings. There’s a balance. Too thick and they can be unnecessarily expensive without adding additional protection. Generally, the main difference with the polyurea types and Castagra’s is polyurea ends [...]

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