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Seven Oil & Gas Publications for Industry Professionals

Two months ago, we wrote a post on Oil & Gas Blogs You Should Follow for insightful information. Many of you agreed and even mentioned some other great blogs you followed. This time around, we decided to compile oil and gas publications that offer greater in-depth content. Many of these publications have been around for [...]

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Biggest Oil & Gas Discoveries

According to Forbes, 2013 was the year the oil and gas industry saw a decline in big oil discoveries – with nothing totaling more than one billion barrels per oilfield.   But when oil was found, it either failed to meet the high expectations, or drilling results yielded dozens of dry holes.   And analyst, [...]

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Coatings CEO Warns Against Energy Complacency Arising From The Fracking Boom

  Reno, Nevada, June 2, 2014—Castagra Products CEO, Peter Roosen, is warning against any growing complacency now that the oil and gas floodgates have opened in the US.   “The fracking industry is having a staggering, positive effect in bringing energy independence to the US, but, I fear, it may lead to a negative impact [...]

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The First Digital Summit for the Oil & Gas Industry

The Energy Digital Summit (EDS) is the first digital communication summit and conference that bridges the gap between technology and innovation within the energy industry.   Jennifer Nguyen, a digital consultant and brand strategist at BrandElixir Communications, co-founded EDS because she saw the need for a digital summit because “there are some who are killing [...]

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Technologies That Detect Oil and Gas Spills

In recent years, advancements in new oil and gas technologies have helped companies detect and prevent spills. These new advancements have proven effective, especially during growing public concern involving the environment.   Below are four promising detection technologies the oil and gas industry uses. And if you know of others, tweet us at @castagra or [...]

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Female Professionals in Unconventional Industries

It is general knowledge that persons of any gender can do most jobs. But operator and laborer jobs tend to have a higher concentration of men than women. And women tend to make up the majority of clerical, service, and education jobs. But Catalyst, a non-profit organization who strives to make workplaces more inclusive for [...]

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Five Informative Oil & Gas Podcasts

There is a belief that podcasting is making a resurrection. But according to Clark Buckner of Technology Advice, it never left. In fact, since its inception, it went on a steady incline. But the only difference this time is its ease of accessibility.   The Internet and new technology, like smartphones, have allowed podcasts to [...]

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Our Trash Becomes Beautiful Oil & Gas Art

David LaChapelle is extremely good at taking pretty pictures of people. But he is even better at taking pictures of people in random positions with random props – and all done in pretty candy colors.   But in a recent series LaChapelle constructed, he turned his focus to everyday trash items to create Refineries and [...]

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14 Ways the Oil & Gas Industry is Becoming More Sustainable

Happy Earth Day!   Earth Day was started in 1970 and now has more than 1 billion people joining in Earth Day activities each year making it the largest civic observance in the world. In support of Earth Day we found 14 ways the oil and gas industry is becoming more sustainable.   1. Ukraine [...]

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Top 10 People to follow on Twitter for the Oil & Gas Industry

Did you know that one billion tweets are sent every 48 hours? Simplify your Twitter feed with our guide for the top 10 people to follow on Twitter for the oil and gas industry.   1. Oil & Gas Journal @OGJOnline The Oil & Gas Journal is targeted towards engineers, oil managers and executives in [...]

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