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Amazing Videos on How Oil and Gas Workers Pass the Time

A lot of us work very hard at our careers. But there are days when work slows down, which then allows us to breathe and relax a little. And what do you do to pass the time? Do you go on an extended lunch break? Leave work early? Or do you catch up with personal [...]

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Oil and Gas Centers of Excellence: GE Leads the Way in Innovation

General Electric (GE) is creating waves in oil and gas. It invested $5 million to build the Norway Technology Solutions Center that was unveiled on August 25th, 2014. And it’s impressive on all levels.   Was it really worth the investment?   GE thinks so. It believes that the center will support global oil and [...]

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Billions of Dollars go into Oil and Gas Sustainability

If you type in oil and gas sustainability into Google and peruse the first five pages, there will be a ton of information on how the industry is becoming more sustainable, but there isn’t a lot of information on actual spending costs the industry has undertaken in their journey to sustainability. However, at the beginning [...]

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Is the Oil and Gas Industry Ready for a World Games?

Among the chaos around the world in recent weeks, sports and athletics have always seemed to be the neutralizer in unifying nations and fans to witness incredible sportsmanship and camaraderie. And each sporting event, like the Olympics or the Commonwealth Games, showcase out-of-this-world talent from amateur and professional athletes alike.   But what about people [...]

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Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans Working in the Oil and Gas Industry?

He swam through the deep blue ocean for a year non-stop and passed dangerous sharks, deadly jellyfish, and frantic storms – all without batting an eye. He is a robot called the Wave Glider and he explores the ocean for oil and gas research.   source   So why do we use robots for a [...]

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Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs in Oil & Gas and Water & Wastewater

Young entrepreneurs are causing waves in energy industries. Find out who the movers and shakers are in our top-10 list of young entrepreneurs in the oil and gas amd water and wastewater industries.   1. M Pedro Santos, CEO, OsComp Systems Santos is only 29 years old and invented near-isothermal multiphase compression technology, a fancy [...]

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Visual Digital Marketing in the Oil & Gas Industry

You know it. I know. We all know it. There’s a love-hate relationship with the oil and gas industry. But Bill Roth has made it a mission to set the record straight with the doubters and haters. And how is he going to accomplish this? Storytelling. Roth is the founder and CEO of Industry Infographics [...]

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Oil & Gas Industry Safety Simulation Videos

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently launched Hazard Identification Training Tool – a virtual training tool game that allows employers and workers to identify and understand common workplace hazards in their own industries and workplace.     The release of this game is to also expose awareness on the types of information about workplace [...]

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Female Role Models in the Oil & Gas Industry

There have been limited quantitative research that shows that adding more women to companies and boards is great in terms of profit and equity returns. In fact, the very presence of a female sitting on the board can have a significant impact on financial growth for a company. And while the oil and gas industry [...]

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You Love the Oil & Gas Industry Too Much If . . .

1. You give oil and gas toys to your kids.     2.You have an oil and gas tattoo.   source   3. You play oil and gas games.     4. You repurposed your old oil and gas equipment.   Oil rig survival hotel pods near The Hague in the Netherlands.   5. You [...]

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