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4 Methods of More Sustainable Tar Sand Technology

1. University of Alberta – Solar Energy Technology   source: A civil engineering graduate student simulates the solar UV/chlorine treatment process.   Researchers from the University of Alberta have produced a solar-powered technology to extract 75 to 84% of dangerous contaminants from oil sands tailings. Oil sands tailings (liquid toxic leftovers from oil extraction) currently [...]

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North Dakota Moves to Reduce Volatility of Oil Shipped By Rail

Bakken crude oil train.   If you’ve listened to the news this past year, you’ve probably heard of the number of recent Bakken oil train crashes and explosions.   In fact there have been 10 major accidents in the past 18 months in US and Canada due to trains carrying Bakken oil.   So what’s [...]

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Should Sustainability Reporting Be Made Mandatory?

source   We all want to fit in and be liked. The same goes for companies. That’s why companies haven’t been jumping on the voluntary sustainability reporting bandwagon.   It’s like putting all of your dirty (or sustainably cleaned) laundry out there and waiting to see what the public thinks about you. I imagine it’s [...]

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Why Oil and Gas Companies Should be More Transparent

source   When I was a child, I was really moved by the Hollywood blockbuster Erin Brockovich.   The movie starred Julia Roberts who played an inexperienced legal assistant who helped to file a case against an electric and gas company, which was allegedly contaminating nearby drinking water supplies.   The movie, based on real [...]

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Types of Oil and Gas Pipelines

source   Did you know if all the natural gas pipelines in the US were connected to each other they would stretch to and from the moon almost three times?   There is a vast underground network of pipelines transporting oil and gas to fuel our cooking, fill our gas stations, and heat our homes. [...]

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3 New Uses for Oil Fields

source   It seems pretty straightforward. Oil fields should be used for oil extraction. But if you think about it, oil fields are pretty great locations for other things too. They are vast, quite bare, and generally far from the public.   Some savvy companies have seen the potential in oil fields and have repurposed [...]

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Personality Test: What Oil and Gas Job Fits Your Personality?

  I am a psychology expert.   Well, by that I mean I did two years of undergrad psychology in university then quit to transfer into business.   Which basically means I am like a career coach, but with no career guidance experience.   But what I do know is finding the right career path [...]

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The Evolution of 5 Oil and Gas Logos

Companies spend vast amounts of time and money on branding and marketing in an effort to sway consumers into using their services or products. But most of us are so immune to these marketing initiatives, like color and logos, that we do not even realize how it affects our mood or behavior. For example, if [...]

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3 High-Tech Gadgets Boosting the Safety of the Oil and Gas Industry

Considering we now live in a world where a car can drive itself and a robot can play a mean game of ping-pong, it’s no big surprise the oil and gas industry is unveiling its own variety of high tech gadgets to improve safety and, well, look pretty cool amongst its competitors.   Keep an [...]

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Behind the Scenes as an Oilrig Worker

I read this post a few days ago, and it got me thinking about how workers out in the field cope with being away from their loved ones for an extended period of time. We know they have to deal with some extreme weather conditions and safety and health risks, but what about the mental [...]

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