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4 Resources to Help Girls and Women Succeed in the Oil and Gas and STEM Industries

source   I recently read an article that women are still getting paid lower salaries than men. In fact, in 2014 female bosses earned 35% less than male colleagues in the United Kingdom.   What gives?   I thought that women had reached a point in our generation where we were on an even keel [...]

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5 Oil and Gas iPhone Apps To Boost Your Efficiency

Apps are a fun and easy way to get the oil and gas information you need faster. Here are a five oil and gas iPhone apps to boost your efficiency.   1. Oil and Gas – News by LOGA (Louisiana Oil & Gas Association) LOGA (known before 2006 as LIOGA) was organized in 1992 to [...]

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Why Are There More Men In The Oil And Gas Industry?

source   My earliest memory of being treated differently to a man was when I was five. I was in school and the male students left class because they were learning soccer, while we, the women, were learning to knit.   We weren’t given a choice.   Although this sounds like a powerful scene from [...]

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3 Methods That Reduce the Chance of Oil Spills

source   Oil disasters, such as the 2010 BP oil spill, have taught the oil and gas industry an important lesson: Changes need to be made to decrease the chance of oil spills.   So how do the government and the oil and gas industry make some of the most dangerous conditions in the world [...]

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How to Grow Your Oil & Gas Coating Application Business in 2015

  Many oil and gas companies are retooling their business models to maximize their efficiency in the wake of the oil price drop. And rather than wait to see how this will affect your coating application business, conduct a large number of small, inexpensive marketing tests to ensure a positive outlook for 2015. After all, [...]

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3 Ways to Increase Efficiency of Oil Extraction

source   Increasing efficiency of oil extraction allows companies to keep costs low and increase output. Considering oil has taken a huge dip in prices recently, it pays to be efficient.   Here are 3 ways to increase efficiency of oil extraction.   1. Green Completion Systems   New technology coined as “green completion systems” [...]

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How Oil Companies Are Responding to the Oil Price Drop

source   Dramatic oil price drops in 2014 are forcing oil companies to restructure their 2015 plan to increase their efficiency to weather the storm of decreasing profits.   Decreasing compensation and company cuts   WBH Energy filed for bankruptcy last week. This announcement got many small and mid-size oil companies reassessing their future, as [...]

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Peak Oil Predictions are Fickle

  In a case of who wuddathunkit, it appears we’ve been incorrectly predicting peak oil for more than a century. I say this because many traders and forecasters were caught by surprise when oil and gas prices simply veered off track in mid-2014, especially when for four years oil prices were at an all-time high [...]

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2 Technologies That Could Revolutionize Offshore Drilling

source   Offshore drilling sites are in some of the most challenging environments in the world. The sites live extremely far from land and the inhospitable conditions can wreak havoc on oil rig equipment and worker safety. It therefore takes a lot of innovation and intelligence to create technologies that revolutionize offshore drilling.   These [...]

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Oil and Gas Professionals

‘Tis the season to be jolly, drink a lot of eggnog and be around certain family members you dislike. It’s also the time to make New Year’s resolutions.   A New Year’s resolution is basically the same as leftover turkey after Christmas. On day one it seems amazing, but on day five, you are bored, [...]

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