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Coatings CEO Calls For Chemically Neutral Protection in the Wastewater Industry as Pressure Grows on Drinking Water Supplies

Reno, Nevada, September 9, 2015 – “Only chemically inert coatings should be used in the sewage industry as global water supplies shrink and pressure grows to recycle waste water for drinking,” says Castagra Products CEO, Peter Roosen. “Reusing water is common in countries with drier climates such as Australia and Spain and now, for example, [...]

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Advantages of Castagra’s Ecodur over Polyurea & Polyurethane Coatings

Beauty may only be skin deep, but as we all know, skin does not have to be overly thick to protect. The same goes for industrial coatings. There’s a balance. Too thick and they can be unnecessarily expensive without adding additional protection. Generally, the main difference with the polyurea types and Castagra’s is polyurea ends [...]

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Castagra Industrial Coatings Vs Epoxy Systems

Recognition Dragons Den winner Adhesion Most epoxies do not stick well. The adhesion rate is typically 50%. Castagra’s adhesion rate is 98% to 100%. It bonds molecularly to cellulosic surfaces such as wood, and natural fibers, including straw. The surface prep requirements are much less than traditional epoxies. Curing Rate (including cold weather application) Castagra’s [...]

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