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Ecodur 201: Internal Tank Coating (before & after) project in California (EPC)

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4 Commonly Overlooked Internal Tank Coating Project Details

When you hear people say “don’t sweat the small stuff”, they’re certainly not talking about internal tank coating projects. The integrity of the internal tank coating can be the difference between a successfully operating storage tank and a very dangerous and expensive situation. The surface prep, the coatings selection and the inspection needs to be [...]

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When your tank is feeling crappy….

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Castagra Ecodur 201 Internal Tank Coating Featured in HCB Magazine

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Ecodur 201: Shell Cold Weather Tank Coating Application

Cold weather, especially severe conditions, present problems on two fronts for the oil industry. Firstly, oil has to be kept at a working temperature for transportation and storage, and secondly, coating maintenance work needs ‘ideal’ conditions where conventional epoxies are concerned.. Problem The problem for a major oil and gas exploration company, at a tank [...]

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Tank Internal Coating Testimonial

Dear Matt, As one of the earliest users of Castagra’s ECODUR, I am pleased to report that it has met and exceeded my expectations. Another tank in the same battery where we used ECODUR coated earlier with a conventional epoxy is failing, most likely due to the extremes of temperatures we experience. Epoxies appear to [...]

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