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Importance of Color in Industrial Coating Applications

  Colors follow trends for aesthetics and branding purposes.   But in the protective coating industry, certain colors have different functions for different industries, like reducing internal temperatures for the storage tank industry, or camouflage for military applications.   For military applications, ship camouflage paint is used to gain an advantage against opponents. The purpose [...]

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Ecodur 201: Oil & Gas Coating Project Recap

We have encountered a wide range of coating conditions for the oil and gas industry. Here’s a recap of three oil and gas coating projects we’ve done over the past few years:   Apache Tank Repairs   We completed 40 300-barrel tanks for Apache in north-west Texas that needed bottom corrosion protection against highly saline [...]

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Industrial Coatings for Aluminum Sulfate – Ecodur 201

Aluminum sulfate is an odourless, white, or off-white crystalline solid or powder that has an amazingly high melting point of 1418ºF (770°C). It has a nifty talent. It is hygroscopic so it can pull in surrounding water and absorb it. It is also extremely acidic and corrosive, yet surprisingly it isn’t volatile or flammable.   [...]

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How We Approach Coating Quality at Castagra

  Castagra Products is committed to understanding, meeting, and when possible, exceeding our customer’s requirements through continuous improvement of our protective coating material, Ecodur.   Our goal is to meet industry demand for new and environment-friendly protective coating products through innovation, research and development, and testing. Our Ecodur industrial coating is composed of renewable materials [...]

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Selecting a Suitable Industrial Coating

  The main purpose of a protective coating is, of course, to provide protection and prevention of deterioration, contamination, corrosion, or other benefits like chemical resistance, physical performance, ease of maintenance, and much more on different industrial surfaces.   But you need the right type of protective coating for the job along with a myriad [...]

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Industrial Coatings for Sodium Hydroxide – Ecodur 201

Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), otherwise known as caustic soda or lye is a white solid available in pellets, flakes, granules, and as prepared solutions at different concentrations.   The history   Sodium hydroxide was first used as early as the Ancient Egyptian and Babylonian times. According to the Royal Society of Chemistry, the inhabitants “discovered, presumably [...]

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Industrial Coatings for Formic Acid – Agrathane 530

  History Formic acid is a pungent, colorless liquid that is derived from the Latin word formica, which means ant because the acid occurs naturally in them.   In the 15th Century alchemists and naturalists realized that anthills gave off acidic vapors. The first person to describe the isolation of formic acid by the distillation [...]

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Industrial Coatings for Chlorine – Ecodur 201

  If you’ve ever swum in a swimming pool, you’ll be familiar with chlorine, the unique smelling chemical that keeps pools squeaky clean.   So what is this chemical that we’ve been swimming in since we were kids?   The History of Chlorine   Strangely, chlorine doesn’t exist individually as it combines with nearly every [...]

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Industrial Coatings for Fluoride – Ecodur 201

  What is Fluoride?   Fluoride is a mineral found in soil, fresh and salt water, and various foods. It is also the 13th most abundant element on the earth’s crust. You are probably familiar with fluoride due to its use in conventional toothpaste, but do you know what else it is used for?   [...]

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4 Inspiring Women In the Coating Industry

  The coating industry has been a male dominated profession due to gender stereotyping, unequal job opportunities, and pay disparity between men and women. In the past few years, however, women are beginning to rise to higher ranks in the coating industry and are starting to pave the way for other women who are interested [...]

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