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Ecodur 201: Coating a Rocky Mountain Wastewater Facility

World water demand is projected to grow from around 4,500 cubic kilometers in 2010 to about 6,350 cubic kilometers in 2030. Annual revenue from the US wastewater industry is about $47 billion. According to a new report from Bluefield Research, wastewater reuse for municipal utilities will increase 61% by 2025, requiring $11.0B of capital expenditures. [...]

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Ecodur 201: Coating Desalination Tanks (ABX)

By 2030, the world population is expected to be 8.3 billion, with a 30% increase in the demand for fresh drinking water. 47% of the global population will face water shortages by 2030. Based on current statistics, only 1% of the global population receives water from desalination. However, the United Nations expects 14% of the [...]

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3 Common Mistakes Made with Plural Component Spray Equipment

There are numerous benefits to plural component equipment some of which include faster curing times and effortless application. However, if you are used to using a brush and roller, you will be quick to realize that this is a much more sophisticated process. For those that are not technically inclined will inevitably struggle in the [...]

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Industrial Coatings For Ammonium Nitrate – Ecodur 201

Ammonium nitrate is a synthetically produced chemical compound made of nitric acid and the salt of ammonia. Ammonium nitrate can also be found naturally as a crust in the ground in the driest regions of the Atacama Desert in Chile.   Ammonium nitrate has a variety of interesting uses including:   1. Fertilizer If you [...]

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Industrial Coatings for Ferric Chloride – Ecodur 201

  Ferric chloride is an industrial scale commodity chemical compound. It’s a pretty cool looking chemical because it shows up as different colors in different lighting. For example, in reflected light it looks dark green, but with transmitted light, it looks purple/red.   There are many industrial uses for ferric chloride. It is used in [...]

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Industrial Coatings for Sodium Hypochlorite – Ecodur 201

source   Sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) is commonly used as a disinfectant or a bleaching agent. When the chemical compounds of sodium hypochlorite are dissolved in water it is commonly known as bleach or liquid bleach. In 1789, Claude Berthollet discovered the chemical by passing chlorine gas through a solution of sodium carbonate.   The U.S. [...]

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Industrial Coatings for Formaldehyde – Ecodur 201

  You may have heard that formaldehyde is a potentially dangerous chemical. But did you know the chemical is naturally present in your body? In fact it is found in the bloodstream of humans and other primates at concentrations of approximately 0.1 millimolar due to the metabolism of endogenous amino acids.   What is formaldehyde? [...]

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Industrial Coatings for Hexane – Ecodur 201

If you remember high school chemistry classes well, you’ll remember learning about Hexane, the hydrocarbon that makes up a large part of gasoline.   Hexane is produced by refining crude oil. It is a colorless liquid at room temperature and has no odor in its pure form. It also has a boiling point of between [...]

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How to Grow Your Oil & Gas Coating Application Business in 2015

  Many oil and gas companies are retooling their business models to maximize their efficiency in the wake of the oil price drop. And rather than wait to see how this will affect your coating application business, conduct a large number of small, inexpensive marketing tests to ensure a positive outlook for 2015. After all, [...]

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Ecodur 201: Cargill Truck Scale

A salt plant in Freedom, Oklahoma, has to continually contend with a chemical that is very corrosive where unprotected steel is concerned, so any equipment handling it needs to be well protected as the small crack or scratch on coated surfaces will quickly be attacked, creating rust that will ultimately destroy all the metal.   [...]

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