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Tips to Making a Great Case Study for Your Coating Business

  We’ve already talked about how to win more coating bids. Now we want to talk about how to make a great case study for your coating business.   A good case study is typically made up of three basic elements: a challenge a business faced, the solution found, and the benefits gained.   But [...]

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How To Manage a Successful Coating Project – Part Two

Yesterday, we posted part one of ‘How To Manage a Successful Coating Project’. Today is our final installment of the series.   Did we miss any? Share with us on twitter @castagra   1. Ensure proper surface prep before deployment   This is perhaps the most important step in any successful coating project because it [...]

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How To Manage a Successful Coating Project – Part One

Being an effective manager can make a huge difference in employee satisfaction and successful project completion. Stand out from your competitors by completing a timely and effective coating project with our tips in our two-part series.   1) Have a project plan   Plans keep your employees accountable and provide the what, when, where and [...]

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Simple Ideas Make a Big Difference: Water Conservation Solutions

Water is precious. It keeps us hydrated and flushes out toxins from our body. And as populations increase – along with higher living standards – water usage actually increases. Researches have found that since 1900, the United States saw the population growth double, but water usage increased by six-folds. A water shortage is a very [...]

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