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Ecodur 201: Coating the Encana Water Treatment Facility (Elite Protective Coatings)

  Water treatment is typically an industrial-scale process that makes water more acceptable for an end-use, whether it be for residential, industrial or commercial customers. Worldwide nearly two million people die every year as a result of contaminated water supplies. This case study concerns a new water treatment facility in Wyoming. The facility, in central [...]

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Castagra Ecodur 201: Coating Applicator Testimonial

“Elite Protective Coatings have been in the coatings business for many years and have worked with all the major coating manufacturers. We were recently introduced to Castagra’ Ecodur 201 product by an end-customer and have been very impressed with the coating’s versatility. Ecodur’s ability to deal with large pitting issues and the coating’s performance in [...]

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