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Ecodur 201: Concrete Repairs at Harvest Meat (PCS)

Ecodur, which can work well in sub-freezing environments, was successfully used by PCS on repairs for a major structural concrete threshold for Harvest Meats, a major food and beverage distributor in Colorado and abroad. The work was done in a few hours, rather than days, at 23ºF (-5ºC). And Ecodur has no VOCs and noxious [...]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Coat in the Winter Time

  Warren Brand posted a very informative piece on The Do’s and Don’ts of Applying Coatings in Cold Weather.   According to Warren, some of the inevitable challenges applicators may face during the cold weather months are: The cold makes it difficult for people to move and work for long periods of time. The cold [...]

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Ecodur 201 Q&A: Coating over inorganic primers

The surface to be coated will be an inorganic zinc rich primer. They need the exposed surfaces and bolts coated. Is this acceptable surface prep for Ecodur Coating? Inorganic primers tend to provide enough of a matte finish for the Ecodur 201 to hang onto. The ships that are currently being worked on have similar [...]

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Ecodur 201: Los Angeles Superior Compton Courthouse (Aquablocx)

A 15,000 gallon water tank on the 14th floor of a Los Angeles court house in Compton needed emergency repairs as it was leaking. The water was potentially a threat to the electronics of a new elevator system being installed. The situation became a Class 1 emergency when it was realised that no sprinkler water [...]

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Case Study: Caribe Resort

  On the Alabama Gulf Coast, Caribe Resorts is located on 30 pristine acres. They offer luxury condos facing water front scenery. Their impressive list of amenities include: tennis courts, saunas, game rooms, over 40,000 sq. feet of pools, and of course, the Lazy River.   But the problem stems from the Lazy River being [...]

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Case Study: Waterpark Coating

Water parks are a major attraction in Texas where summers are very hot and relief from the heat, especially for children, means some kind of water fun. Texas is home to some of the biggest and best water parks in the nation. This summer the inside of an underground concrete water holding vault at a [...]

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Ecodur 201: Wesco Operating 400 BBL Tank Coating Job Pics (photos from Greg G)


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Castagra Industrial Coatings Vs Epoxy Coatings (cont…)

Adhesion Most epoxies do not stick well. The adhesion rate is typically 50%. Castagra’s adhesion rate is 98% to 100%. It bonds molecularly to cellulosic surfaces such as wood, and natural fibers, including straw. Flexibility Most epoxies are not flexible. They tend to crack and flake in heat and cold very quickly allowing moisture, oxygen, [...]

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