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Tips to Win More Coatings Bids

  It’s natural to assume that all your client cares about is pricing. But pricing isn’t everything. There’s also the temptation to be the low-priced bidder every time. This strategy might work, but it can also work against you. Instead, do your market research when planning your pricing strategy. Pay close attention to your clients’ [...]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Coat in the Winter Time

  Warren Brand posted a very informative piece on The Do’s and Don’ts of Applying Coatings in Cold Weather.   According to Warren, some of the inevitable challenges applicators may face during the cold weather months are: The cold makes it difficult for people to move and work for long periods of time. The cold [...]

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Ecodur 201: Cargill Truck Scale

A salt plant in Freedom, Oklahoma, has to continually contend with a chemical that is very corrosive where unprotected steel is concerned, so any equipment handling it needs to be well protected as the small crack or scratch on coated surfaces will quickly be attacked, creating rust that will ultimately destroy all the metal.   [...]

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“Eco Premium Coatings Booming and ‘Overcoating’ the Industry” – Castagra CEO

RENO, NEVADA, APRIL 25, 2014 – “It’s great to see the premium eco coatings market establishing itself into a multi-billion dollar market after we first led with a zero VOC, non-toxic veggie plastic formulation over two decades ago,” says Castagra CEO, Peter Roosen. Roosen, the inventor of a plasticized gypsum formulation that first covered C-class [...]

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Pittsburgh Parking Garage Coating

The building in Pittsburgh was built in about 1920 and the parking garage needed to be renovated in order to refinance the building. Mild deterioration of some concrete required treatment with a more generalized protection coating applied for long term, low-maintenance of the garaging area which is exposed to residues left by automobiles during winter [...]

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