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Four Practices to Help Your Coating Business Become More Sustainable

  Sustainability is a concept that has emerged and evolved over the years as a result of increased awareness surrounding the unintended social, environmental, and economic consequences due to rapid population and economic growth, and consumption of natural resources. All industries, including the coating industry, are not immune to this.   And by developing and [...]

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Tips to Making a Great Case Study for Your Coating Business

  We’ve already talked about how to win more coating bids. Now we want to talk about how to make a great case study for your coating business.   A good case study is typically made up of three basic elements: a challenge a business faced, the solution found, and the benefits gained.   But [...]

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Why Video Marketing is Important in the Coating Industry

If you work in the industrial sector, like the coating industry, you know it can be extremely frustrating completing your job when you are battling the weather elements and poor lighting.   So why would you want to add video into the mix?   Filming quality video on the job site or in a controlled [...]

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You Love the Corrosion Industry Too Much If…

(Updated Dec 2, 2015)   1. You disagree with this statement: “More boring than watching paint dry”   2. You have nightmares about bad surface prep.   3. You can’t go 2 minutes without referring to one of the following acronyms: ASME, ANSI, ASTM, AWS, NACE, ASIC, SSPC, API   4. You can’t look at [...]

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