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What Our Ecodur Coating is Used On

We specialize in tank coatings for the oil and gas and water and wastewater industry, but over the years Ecodur technology has proven to be very versatile from industrial field-applied coatings to works of art. Some examples are below. 1. Wood-inspired Plank To the naked eye, this looks like any generic 2×4. But upon closer [...]

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Can Your Coating Do This?

  Castagra’s Ecodur coating has the perfect blend of flexibility and chemical resistance for professionals in the oil and gas industry and the water and wastewater industry. Ecodur also adheres well to surfaces and is cold-weather applicable.

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Castagra Industrial Coatings Vs Epoxy Coatings (cont…)

Adhesion Most epoxies do not stick well. The adhesion rate is typically 50%. Castagra’s adhesion rate is 98% to 100%. It bonds molecularly to cellulosic surfaces such as wood, and natural fibers, including straw. Flexibility Most epoxies are not flexible. They tend to crack and flake in heat and cold very quickly allowing moisture, oxygen, [...]

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