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The Rise of Green Coatings in the Coatings Industry

  Since 2012, the current worth of the global green coatings market is estimated to be around $60.6 billion. By 2018, the green coatings marketing is projected to reach $85.7 billion due to the sheer increase in new environmental regulations and consumer demand.   More awareness and research has shown that traditional industrial coatings are [...]

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Castor Oil’s Many Uses Include Decreasing Poverty

  It turns out castor oil seeds had a shot in the limelight recently. Did you ever watch the hit show Breaking Bad? Well it turns out, Ricin, a poison derived from the castor oil seed, was highly featured in the show to use against the main character’s enemies. (If you haven’t watched it, be [...]

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Plant-based Ingredients in Everyday Products

Natural ingredients seem to be the answer to everything nowadays. Have an itchy dog with dry skin issues? Lovingly brush some coconut oil on him. Want to prevent Alzheimer’s disease? Slurp on a spoon of tasty omega rich fish oil. Want a non-toxic industrial coating that is super safe and sustainable? Make a coating with [...]

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The Castor Bean will Save the World

There’s a cloud of mystery surrounding castor oil and what its role is in society. This unusual oil has been used extensively in both health and industrial sectors. We use this fantastic ingredient for our protective coatings.   History of castor oil Castor oil comes from the castor plant, Ricinus communis, which is native to [...]

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