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Color Options Available for Agrathane 530

About Agrathane Agrathane 530 is a two component polyurethane (top coat) for oil & gas and wastewater applications such as lining tanks, secondary containment, pipelines, etc. Agrathane delivers excellent appearance and chemical resistance to acids, caustics, gasoline and other hydrocarbons. Outstanding resistance to 36% hydrochloric acid, 50% hydrofluoric acid, and formic acid. Color Options Available [...]

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A Veggie-Plastic Coating May Be A ‘White Knight’ For Threatened Yellow Cedar

Reno, Nevada, August 26 2015 – With Yellow Cedar edging ever closer to joining the US Endangered Species List, a vegetable oil based plastic may be its white knight when it comes to helping reduce pressure on its use for repairing giant wood water flumes. The veggie-plastic has the unique property of molecularly bonding to [...]

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“There’s never been a better time to invest in US plastics,” says Peter Roosen, CEO of leading US veggie-plastic coating pioneer company Castagra.

RENO, NEVADA, JULY 23 2015 — “Despite the negative impact of oil price declines, the basic feedstock for US plastics, natural gas, remains very cheap with a limitless production horizon thanks to the shale gas industry,” says Peter Roosen, CEO of Castagra Products, Inc. “In the famous 1967 movie The Graduate, the young man’s told [...]

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Ecodur – The Natural Barrier in the Chemical World

Veggie-Plastic Ecodur is one of the best natural barriers in our ‘Chemical World’, says Castagra Products CEO, Peter Roosen, as its usage continues to extend into the world of water and piping. “The green coatings business is growing at nearly six per cent a year as customers demand natural protection that limits their exposure and [...]

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Ecodur 201: Coating Tiger Pools

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Visit Castagra at NISTM Aboveground Storage Tank Conference & Trade Show 2015

NISTM will be held in Orlando, Florida on April 27 to 29. Our booth number is #622. Hope to see you all there.     About NISTM Aboveground Storage Tank Conference & Trade Show   From NISTM’s website: NISTM is a non-profit organization that brings together educational opportunities, resources and training seminars about the operation, [...]

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Castagra Innovation and Quality Team Hard at Work [Sneak Peak]

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Castagra’s Veggie Plastic Approved for Moon and Martian Use

source   Castagra’s veggie-plastic foam Ecodur has been certified as an Extraterrestrial Construction Composite (ECC) by NASA, paving the way, says CEO Peter Roosen, for its possible use in Lunar or Martian building programs.   “Ecodur is comprised of gypsum and vegetable oil and tests with Moon dust have shown it works just as well [...]

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Ecodur 201: Coating Heater Treaters for Wesco (ICS)

ICS used Ecodur 201M product to coat heater treaters for Wesco. The work was done in Fallon County in Montana.

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Ecodur 201: Coating Tanks in New Hampshire (Aquablocx)

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