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Annual Coating Inspection of the Johnny G. Martinez Water Treatment Plant

The Johnny G. Martinez Water Treatment Plant is one of two water treatment plants in Tempe, AZ. Due to population growth there was a need to expand the plant to 80 million gallons a day capacity. The expansion project created the first large scale UV facility for drinking water disinfection in Arizona. Two covered 12 [...]

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Castagra Ecodur 201: Linn Energy Case Study

One of the top 15 US independent oil and natural gas development companies, with approximately 6.4 Tcfe of proved reserves in producing US basins, was faced with the dilemma of having a significant number of relatively new oil tanks with unanticipated corrosion in Colorado.   Problem 100 Linn Energy tanks were only two years old [...]

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Ecodur 201: EOG Containment Liner Case Study (North Dakota)

North Dakota experiences some of the severest winter weather conditions in the US so any decision to go ahead and coat at an EOG oil and gas installation in the Bakken needs to take into account how most conventional coatings simply cannot be applied in extremely low temperatures. In this case it’s not just a [...]

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Ecodur 201M Case Study: Kern County

Kern County in California is highly organized when it comes to protecting the public against dangerous animals, including dogs and the threat of rabies. It is the third largest county in the state of California and covers 8,172 square miles. Kern County Animal Control (KCAC) serves the unincorporated areas of the county, which includes the [...]

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Case Study: Caribe Resort

  On the Alabama Gulf Coast, Caribe Resorts is located on 30 pristine acres. They offer luxury condos facing water front scenery. Their impressive list of amenities include: tennis courts, saunas, game rooms, over 40,000 sq. feet of pools, and of course, the Lazy River.   But the problem stems from the Lazy River being [...]

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Case Study: Cayman Grill

  Cayman Grill, a new waterfront restaurant in Orange Beach, Alabama has a large open dining area that boasts oceanfront views. And for the viewing pleasure of its guests, there is a 21,500 gallon tank filled with cownose rays. But the problem was finding the proper coating that would not only waterproof and seal the [...]

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Pittsburg Tank and Ecodur 201M Manual Tank Coating

  An overflow steam tank at a hardwood flooring plant in Warren, Arkansas, was failing due to corrosion that had eaten away to the point where holes were causing leaks onto the plant floor.   The leakage was rapidly getting to the point where there was an urgent need to shut it down and carry [...]

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Low Impact Development Case Study Project

The home construction industry in North America is progressively becoming more enlightened about the overall benefits of Low Impact Development techniques (LID), particularly where heavy rainfalls can impact significantly on land that is not well protected by natural or regenerated vegetation.   For instance, new subdivisions in semi-arid areas with very delicate and thin vegetation [...]

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