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Ecodur 201: Coating a Concrete Brine Tank at the Olympic Oval (Ener-Spray)

Salt water, whether in brine or marine concentrations, is tough on concrete and steel structures. Unprotected steel deteriorates at an extremely high rate and concrete much more slowly. Typically, protection for both is provided by epoxy coatings that work well provided they are not subjected to thermal, mechanical or particularly aggressive chemicals as often encountered [...]

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Ecodur 201: Concrete Repairs at Harvest Meat (PCS)

Ecodur, which can work well in sub-freezing environments, was successfully used by PCS on repairs for a major structural concrete threshold for Harvest Meats, a major food and beverage distributor in Colorado and abroad. The work was done in a few hours, rather than days, at 23ºF (-5ºC). And Ecodur has no VOCs and noxious [...]

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Industrial Coatings for Hydrogen Sulfide – Ecodur 201

What is Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)?   It is a colorless gas, heavier than air, extremely poisonous, corrosive, flammable, and explosive. It also smells like rotten eggs.   Hydrogen sulfide often forms at the bottom of poorly ventilated spaces where bacteria of organic matter breaks down in the absence of oxygen. H2S can be found in [...]

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Industrial Coatings for Ethanol – Ecodur 201

source   What is Ethanol?   Ethanol is an additive that is commonly made from sugar cane or corn. It has a variety of uses as a solvent for human contact like, scents, flavorings, colorings, and medicine. It has a long history as a fuel for heat and light.   Ethanol Facts As early as [...]

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Industrial Coatings for Potash – Ecodur 201

source   What is Potash?   Pronounced as pot ash, Potash refers to several forms of potassium salt and potassium-bearing materials, the most common being potassium chloride (KCL). It is currently one of the world’s three most important fertilizers, after nitrogen and phosphorus. But when combined with both those chemicals, potash can increase the yield [...]

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Tips to Making a Great Case Study for Your Coating Business

  We’ve already talked about how to win more coating bids. Now we want to talk about how to make a great case study for your coating business.   A good case study is typically made up of three basic elements: a challenge a business faced, the solution found, and the benefits gained.   But [...]

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Food Industry is Recognizing the Importance of ‘Neutral Barrier’ Coatings for Handling and Cold Storage Areas, Says CEO

  RENO, NEVADA, January 6, 2015 — Castagra Products, Inc. CEO, Peter Roosen, says that the past year has shown the food industry increasingly favoring coatings for manufacturing, handling and storage areas that are VOC-free and completely non-toxic.   “Nothing is more important than having a neutral and safe environment for food production and for [...]

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Veggie-Plastic Coating Gaining Niche in Fracking Industry’s Secondary Containment Boom

RENO, NEVADA, November 7, 2014 — Veggie-plastic coatings and foams with their natural fire retardant qualities, are out-competing conventional polyurethane coatings in the secondary containment boom says Castagra CEO, Peter Roosen.   “Ecodur has proven to be one of the toughest frack tank interior coatings ever produced, so it was a natural progression that they [...]

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Ecodur 201: Apache Tanks with a customized striker plate installed in the coating

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Coating Tanks for Sprint Energy (Global ProSys)


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