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Castagra Industrial Coatings Vs Epoxy Systems

Recognition Dragons Den winner Adhesion Most epoxies do not stick well. The adhesion rate is typically 50%. Castagra’s adhesion rate is 98% to 100%. It bonds molecularly to cellulosic surfaces such as wood, and natural fibers, including straw. The surface prep requirements are much less than traditional epoxies. Curing Rate (including cold weather application) Castagra’s [...]

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Pittsburgh Parking Garage Coating

The building in Pittsburgh was built in about 1920 and the parking garage needed to be renovated in order to refinance the building. Mild deterioration of some concrete required treatment with a more generalized protection coating applied for long term, low-maintenance of the garaging area which is exposed to residues left by automobiles during winter [...]

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Wastewater Tank Coatings Case Study: Rentech

Rentech, Inc. ( owns and develops technologies that enable the production of certified synthetic fuels and renewable power when integrated with certain other third-party technologies. The Company’s clean energy technology portfolio includes the Rentech-SilvaGas biomass gasification technology and the Rentech-ClearFuels biomass gasification technology, both of which can produce synthesis gas from biomass and waste materials [...]

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Fort Worth Botanical Gardens – Case Study

A well-known Texas public attraction was extending its parking facilities when the contractor uncovered industrial waste that, while not particularly noxious, was going to be an expensive waste disposal issue. Problem. During construction of the parking lot at the Fort Worth Botanical gardens, the contractor found dozens of 55 gallon drums filled with waste (mill [...]

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Colorado Lining Brings Tough ‘Green’ Containment Membrane To Market

Parker, CO – Colorado Lining International, Inc and Castagra Products, Inc. have paired up to bring the containment industry an environmental benign containment solution to market using a safe, non-toxic, vegetable oil based plastic that has a 20-year pedigree of protecting ships and concrete structures. The Ecodur Spray Liner System is also a solvent free [...]

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Castagra’s ‘Green’ Veggie Plastic Protective Coatings Goes Sprayable With No Toxic Solvents Involved

Protective coatings and mouldings technology company Castagra Products Inc., announced today successful spray trials of its veggie plastic protective coating ECODUR 201 without the use of solvents. The use of solvents continues to be a major environmental and health concern in the protective coatings industry. Tightening environmental regulations have resulted in the ban of many [...]

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Castagra signs agreement to test low-ricin castor with Texas AgriLife Research

LUBBOCK – Castagra, a bioproducts company, has entered into an agreement with Texas AgriLife Research, part of the Texas A&M University System, to test production of a new castor bean with less ricin. The West Texas project will investigate production potential and sustainable production practices that do not conflict with other commodities grown in the [...]

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With over $2.5 million expended on research and testing in commercial and industrial applications, there are millions of feet of product in use with no recall or product displacement.

Successfully Tested Applications include the following+: Wood Mouldings Vinyl Mouldings Marine Coatings Wood Coatings Industrial Adhesives Roofing Materials Wood Mouldings Market : North America: $ 1,250,000,000* Global: $ 3,335,000,000* *Weyerhauser These above market figures are based on the Finger Joint Pine & Medium Density Fibreboard (FJP/MDF) wood mouldings segment. Does not include the equally large [...]

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