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Tank Talk Summary Feb 20, 2013

StocExpo TankStorage ‏@StocExpo #tanktalk has now begun – “Discuss terminal capacity trends; what are the recent evolutions in the tank storage sector” get involved now! Camilla Colborne ‏@CamillaColborne Having a ponder about 2moro’s #TankTalk …”What are the recent evolutions in ports tank storage sector?” @StocExpo #StocExpo13 Holly Birkett ‏@HJBirkett @StocExpo Companies like Simon Storage & [...]

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Storage Tank Spotlight: Wil Ferch is Principal-Owner at Nordstern Associates, LLC

1. Tell us about your background Wil Ferch is Principal-Owner at Nordstern Associates, LLC, a manufacturer’s rep and consulting company he founded that serves the industrial gas (Air Separation process) industry. He is currently acting VP of Marketing/Sales for a Swiss cryogenic pump company as well as serving a USA-based EPC firm that builds large [...]

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US Oil and Gas Association and Resource List

Oil and Gas Business and Economics CGI Market Prices We specialize in the futures and options markets, serving traders worldwide with a continuous information service of quotes, charts and news. We are also a storefront for trading tools, charts, publications, educational courses and other resources. We are privately-held and independent. Oil and Gas Data [...]

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7 signs that you might love storage tanks too much…

A fun post for our friends in the storage tank industry. Hope you’re having a great day! 1. You have a summer home that looks like this? 2. After watching the top 10 storage tank videos, your next hobby project will be… 3. You get this joke and think it’s the funniest thing you’ve ever [...]

Storage Tank Spotlight: Q&A with Stefan Van Woenzel, Author of The Oil Traders’ Word(s)

Tell us about your background? Stefan van Woenzel, Dutchman born 1967. Studied marketing and started a career in the Oil business at Van Ommeren (Vopak) in 1988 until 1998. Responsibilities for oil logistics at the storage terminal related to loading, barging, blending, customs documentation related to all types of mineral oils. In 1999 Started in [...]

Storage Tank Spotlight: Q&A with Jan Knappert, Dr Sthamer – Hamburg

Tell us about your background? I have been in Fire Protection for nearly 30 years, from product and system design to project management and product sales. Tell us about your company? DR Sthamer – Hamburg, is the leading European manufacturer of Fire Fighting Foams, third largest in the world. Dr Sthamer has been trading for [...]

Tank Talk Summary Feb 13, 2013

StocExpo TankStorage ‏@StocExpo Does the oil/petrochemical industry exploit oil rich nations?” What’s your opinion? Get involved in the #tanktalk discussion now! Sam Summers ‏@SammyJSummers @StocExpo good article in relation to todays #tanktalk discussion – Colette Folan ‏@ColetteFolan @StocExpo I don’t think they do! Industry is developed & jobs are created – this has to [...]

Ice Cream Factory: Commerical Freezer Coating Project

It was about -24ºF (-31ºC) with about 20% Relative Humidity inside the ice cream freezer area. The Ecodur 201 coating was touch-dry in 40 min (more details below) and returned to service in 14 hours. PR: Castagra Products, Inc, announced today the successful spray application of its VOC-free Ecodur coating at minus 24 degrees Fahrenheit [...]

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The Comprehensive Oil and Gas Event, Tradeshow and Conference List 2013

We compiled a list of oil and gas events, tradeshows and conferences for 2013. We hope you enjoy it. Let us know if we missed anything marketing at Meet The Buyers of Oil and Gas Mena 2013 February 19, 2013 – February 22, 2013 Shangri-La Hotel, Muscat, Oman Boosting Oil & Gas output remains [...]

15 Ways to Give Value and Grow Your Storage Tank Manufacturing Business

Making a positive impression on someone you met through an storage tank event or online need not be a difficult or use much of your time or resources. The following 15 quick ways to make a positive impression are designed to be easy to implement and most only take a few minutes to do, depending [...]

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