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Top Trends Affecting the Tank Storage Industry

The storage tank industry is perpetually changing, with new trends continuously appearing and shaping it into what it is now and what it will be in the future. Here, we have put together a short list of those trends as described by some of the best and the brightest in the industry. They are professionals [...]

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Ecodur 201: Internal Tank Coating and Lining Project In North Dakota

Before Ecodur 201 Tank Coating (Epoxy coatings are very brittle) After Ecodur 201 Tank Coating

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This Week in Tank Storage

This past week has been quite rich in news of tank storage. New deals are being made that promise to increase profits and create job opportunities globally. There have been expansions and new construction that are getting companies noticed and further developing the industry. Here are a few of the more unique occurrences with insight [...]

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17 storage tank photos that will make you smile

A local paint store turned this storage tank into a paint can. An oil storage tank turned into an apartment (photo by Nina Ruud). A must have for any storage tank fan. “Stool bus”. Do we need to say more? Pumpkin Conoco Refinery. A perfect place for a photo on Halloween. Storage tank in Roswell, [...]

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Another successful tank coating project with a top oil and gas company

Tanks ready to be coated with Castagra Products Bottom coat installed – Ecodur 201 Ecodur 201 inspected and passed Top coat installed Top coat inspected and passed Coating Pipe

A Collection of Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST) Regulations and Resources (US and Canada)

Use of Aboveground Storage Tanks on Land and Cleanup Basic information on Use of Aboveground Storage Tanks on Land and Cleanup Aboveground Storage Tank Regulation Explains Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST), how to register your tanks, and other pertinent information related to ASTs. Hazardous Waste Program (Tank Section) The goal of the tanks section [...]

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Storage Tank Spotlight: Alicia Young, Brodie International

1.Tell us about your background? I began working at the facility in 1997 when it was Fisher-Rosemount Petroleum and I was working towards my degree in mechanical engineering. In 2003, after several company name changes, a group of private investors purchased the grounds and technology, and renamed it Brodie Meter Co., LLC. I was given [...]

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Tank Talk Summary March 5, 2013

StocExpo TankStorage ‏@StocExpo Come and join #tanktalk to brighten up your Wednesday! Tank Idol: Whats YOUR tank storage theme tune? #tanktalk Sam Summers ‏@SammyJSummers @StocExpo Oil be missing you – P Diddy & Faith Evans #tanktalk Castagra ‏@castagra @StocExpo Tank You Girl – The Beatles #tanktalk Castagra ‏@castagra @StocExpo Tank You For Sending Me An [...]

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The Best Storage Tank Maintenance Advice You’ve Ever Received

Storage tank maintenance is a task that needs to be done correctly the first time or it will cause more work in the future. Over the years, veterans in this field have made mistakes and learned from them or had excellent mentors to guide the way. Here is a collection of advice from these leaders [...]

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Fisher at the Rural Water Association Annual Conference – wastewater coatings

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