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Tank Talk Summary Feb 13, 2013

StocExpo TankStorage ‏@StocExpo Does the oil/petrochemical industry exploit oil rich nations?” What’s your opinion? Get involved in the #tanktalk discussion now! Sam Summers ‏@SammyJSummers @StocExpo good article in relation to todays #tanktalk discussion – Colette Folan ‏@ColetteFolan @StocExpo I don’t think they do! Industry is developed & jobs are created – this has to [...]

Ice Cream Factory: Commerical Freezer Coating Project

It was about -24ºF (-31ºC) with about 20% Relative Humidity inside the ice cream freezer area. The Ecodur 201 coating was touch-dry in 40 min (more details below) and returned to service in 14 hours. PR: Castagra Products, Inc, announced today the successful spray application of its VOC-free Ecodur coating at minus 24 degrees Fahrenheit [...]

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The Comprehensive Oil and Gas Event, Tradeshow and Conference List 2013

We compiled a list of oil and gas events, tradeshows and conferences for 2013. We hope you enjoy it. Let us know if we missed anything marketing at Meet The Buyers of Oil and Gas Mena 2013 February 19, 2013 – February 22, 2013 Shangri-La Hotel, Muscat, Oman Boosting Oil & Gas output remains [...]

15 Ways to Give Value and Grow Your Storage Tank Manufacturing Business

Making a positive impression on someone you met through an storage tank event or online need not be a difficult or use much of your time or resources. The following 15 quick ways to make a positive impression are designed to be easy to implement and most only take a few minutes to do, depending [...]

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Tank Talk Summary Feb 6, 2013

Discussion Topic: StocExpo TankStorage ‏@StocExpo #tanktalk Is the fall in oil consumption in the US & Europe the reason behind the conversion from refineries > terminals? What do you think? Jake Morrison ‏@jakem82 @StocExpo … #tanktalk Jake Morrison ‏@jakem82 @StocExpo SE Conference Day 1 Market developments – the impact of the Eurozone crisis with [...]

Grow your coating application business: Is google your friend?

If first impressions count, then you are who google says you are. Your business reputation is the first 2 pages of the search results. The internet and its search engines have become so powerful, available and user-friendly that your reputation is becoming defined by what the first 2 pages of yahoo or google search hits [...]

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Top 10 Storage Tank Videos

Here are the top storage tank videos we found on the internet. 1. This happens when you don’t properly vent a storage tank This happens when you don’t properly vent a sealed storage tank before emptying it. Hot gas/air in the sealed container is left to cool. The air pressure difference inside is so great [...]

Tank Storage social media community

Here is a collection of social media groups and profiles that we have come across so far. Email us if we missed anything. Info at Tank Chat TankChat is the world’s only social media website for the oil and chemical industry. Storage Tank LinkedIn Groups Storage Tank NISTM AST Conferences and Trade Shows [...]

EOG Resources Tank Coating project by PCS

Tank Coating Project by PCS

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