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From Mud, Mint to Magnetism… Floors Have Come a Long Way in the Past 5,000 Years!

PHOENIX, AZ. True humans have been sheltering themselves for hundreds of thousands of years, so it is not surprising that their habitations have not only been varied due to climate and vegetation differences, but have also been heavily influenced by cultural and technical advances. Today, there are still cultures whose living conditions probably have remained [...]

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Ecodur 201: Floor Coating for a Cannabis Oil Facility

Medical marijuana sales are permitted by 29 US states. Much of the medical edibles are derived from concentrated cannabis oil which is extracted in a number of facilities. On the other hand, CBD hemp oil is made from high-CBD, low-THC hemp, unlike medical marijuana products, which are usually made from plants with high concentrations of [...]

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The End Goal of the Green Coatings Industry Should Be Maximum Environmental Purity and Performance

Phoenix, AZ. “The industry as a whole has a long way to go yet, and that is why it is such a marvelously challenging business to be in,” says Peter Roosen, CEO of Castagra Products Inc, which has pioneered a unique veggie-plastic protective coating that is free of the many of the contaminants that are [...]

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Castagra’s High Purity Ecodur Used as Floor Coating in Important Cannabis Oil Extraction Plant

Phoenix, AZ – Castagra’s veggie-plastic coating, which is rated for contact with drinking water, has been applied in another food grade facility, a THC oil extraction room in Denver, Colorado, from where the product goes into medical marijuana edibles. Matt Cullen, Castagra Vice President Sales, said, “This is a classic situation where our high purity [...]

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Veggie-Plastic Comes To New Zealand and Coats in Wanaka

Dunedin, June 29, 2017 — A unique vegetable oil and gypsum based protective coating Ecodur has made its first appearance in New Zealand where demand for the safest possible protective coatings with the least amount of environmental impact, is growing. Ecodur is made from renewable castor oil from India and naturally occurring gypsum, a soft [...]

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“One Day All Residential Roofing Will Be Green,” Predicts Veggie-Plastic Coating Pioneer Peter Roosen.

Phoenix, AZ. “It may not happen in my lifetime, but it will happen, I’m sure, that one day the vast majority of new homes will have climate attenuating vegetated roofs,” predicts Castagra Products, Inc. CEO, Peter Roosen, who has pioneered the application of plasticized gypsum protective coatings. “There is so much evidence being accumulated as [...]

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Ecodur 201: Commercial Bakery Floor Coating (Titus New Zealand)

Whether it is a butcher, baker, frozen food storage facility, restaurant or cafeteria, food preparation surfaces, floors and equipment need to be not only kept as germ free as possible, they also need to be readily cleanable otherwise standards of cleanliness can suffer over time due to the onerous nature of the work combined with [...]

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Cool Roofs Haven’t Been Trumped, They’ll Get Even More Popular, Says Veggie-Plastic Coatings Pioneer

Phoenix, AZ – “Cool roof coatings are a wonderful low-tech way to achieve real energy savings,” says Castagra Products, Inc. CEO, Peter Roosen, who developed the vegetable oil and gypsum combination coating Ecodur. “Certain circles see the US pulling out of the Paris climate accord as a disaster for the environment. I believe the changes [...]

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Veggie-Plastic Coating Proving To Be One-Stop Solution For Roofs

Phoenix, Arizona – “The roofing industry and urban environments are being very positively impacted by growing demand for green roofs which can not only extend roofs’ longevity, but also cut energy costs and reduce the impact of the heat sink effect,” stated Castagra CEO, Peter Roosen. “We believe we have the one-stop solution. That is [...]

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Ecodur 201M: Manual Floor Coating Instructions

Safety glasses, gloves, and protective clothing must be worn at all times. Gypsum and castor oil in the Part A mix will separate over time. Ecodur 201M Storage Recommendations Part A: 1. It’s recommended that Part A be stored at room temperature. No less than 32°F (0°C). 2. The Part A bucket should be stored [...]

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