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Q&A: Low VOC High-Impact Coatings for River Structures

Q: The VOC issue has been our biggest challenge. Our primary application is one of constant immersion in river water accompanied with a tremendous amount of impact from floating debris. Do you have a low-VOC solution that can handle the floating logs and churning sand? A: Our Ecodur 201 products will work well for this [...]

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Practices to Help Encourage the Food Industry to Practice Sustainability

Two years ago, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers released a report after finding that as much as 50% of all food produced around the world never reaches a human stomach due to reasons like inadequate infrastructure and storage facilities to overly strict sell-by dates, etc.   Dr Tim Fox, Head of Energy and Environment at [...]

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How to Hire a Good Coating Applicator

  Hiring a good coating applicator is the key to a successful project. The applicator you select will determine the outcome of the original project objective. In order to avoid hiring an under qualified contractor, here are ten traits you should pay close attention to when hiring a good coating applicator.   1. References and [...]

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Four Practices to Help Your Coating Business Become More Sustainable

  Sustainability is a concept that has emerged and evolved over the years as a result of increased awareness surrounding the unintended social, environmental, and economic consequences due to rapid population and economic growth, and consumption of natural resources. All industries, including the coating industry, are not immune to this.   And by developing and [...]

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Tips to Making a Great Case Study for Your Coating Business

  We’ve already talked about how to win more coating bids. Now we want to talk about how to make a great case study for your coating business.   A good case study is typically made up of three basic elements: a challenge a business faced, the solution found, and the benefits gained.   But [...]

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Castagra at NACE Corrosion Expo 2015 Event (March 16 – 19)

Hope to see you there. Our booth number is #19101. About CORROSION 2015 Join NACE International and fellow corrosion professionals at the world’s largest corrosion conference and expo. After a record breaking year in San Antonio in 2014, CORROSION 2015 will once again join more than 7,000 corrosion professionals and 450 exhibiting companies in Dallas, [...]

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Why Video Marketing is Important in the Coating Industry

If you work in the industrial sector, like the coating industry, you know it can be extremely frustrating completing your job when you are battling the weather elements and poor lighting.   So why would you want to add video into the mix?   Filming quality video on the job site or in a controlled [...]

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Proper Record Keeping Will Make or Break Your Coating Business

  An applicator was hired to coat a few dozen production tanks for a large E&P company. The E&P company had hired a service provider to do surface preparation on the tanks. When our applicator arrived on site to begin surveying the worksite and inspecting the tanks, it was determined that one of the tanks, [...]

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Q&A: Cathodic Protection for Ecodur 201

Question: We have a client that lined a potable water tank with Castagra Ecodur 201 (60 mil), the client asked if cathodic protection was still required. Answer: Cathodic protection is not required for the areas that were coated with the Ecodur 201 product.

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Tips to Win More Coatings Bids

  It’s natural to assume that all your client cares about is pricing. But pricing isn’t everything. There’s also the temptation to be the low-priced bidder every time. This strategy might work, but it can also work against you. Instead, do your market research when planning your pricing strategy. Pay close attention to your clients’ [...]

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