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Coating a Cheese Factory Floor with Ecodur

The dairy products industry has to meet high levels of hygiene whether it be in North America or Europe. This case study concerns a cheese factory in Drenthe in The Netherlands where a previous floor coating in the production hall had failed. The PolyMethylMethAcrylate floor base (PMMA), a synthetic material that is also used in [...]

Coating a Basement Floor with Ecodur

Home renovations can extend the life of dwellings almost indefinitely if done with quality materials that provide maximum performance and longevity. This very much applies to coatings which, although very thinly applied, can last for decades. This case study of a Vancouver, British Columbia, home involved a damp basement that the owner had decided to [...]

Coating a Ballpark Restroom with Ecodur

A major league ballpark in downtown Denver, Colorado, covers 76 acres and its facilities are extremely heavily used. After nearly 20 years, it was time for upgrades to large areas of flooring, particularly in the restrooms. The client not only wanted durability, but also showroom quality finishes in the restrooms. Materials used also had to [...]

Coating A Car Park With Ecodur

Among the first signs of aging for multi-story car parks are in the winter months when clingy snow and road salts get dragged into them and melt pools of contaminated water drip through cracks and gaps in the slabs. Gravity and chemistry do the rest for the cars below. De-icing salts are responsible for billions [...]

Coating a Cannabis Lab Floor with Ecodur

The Canadian cannabis industry is booming and owners and operators of labs and production spaces like them to be pristine and easy to clean. With concrete washable floors, over time cracks often develop that make keeping them spotless more and more difficult to the point where surfaces simply need to be renewed. In Fredrickton, New [...]

Backyard Concrete Patio Coated With Ecodur

There are over 138 million households in the U.S. and nearly 12.5 million in Canada. Townhouse complexes are popular in cities where building space is severely limited. Uniformity is their hallmark, but many owners like to upgrade on standard builds. This case study concerns a 70-plus unit townhouse complex in British Columbia where two patios [...]

Coating a Cannabis Grow Facility with Ecodur

The cannabis industry continues to expand rapidly, boosted by the December 2018 signing of the Farm Bill by President Trump. Much of the development centers around building state-of-the-art facilities where crops are handled to human food grade standards. This case study concerns a 26,000 square foot new operation in a converted, old industrial building in [...]

Backyard Deck With Colour Chips, Coated With Ecodur

Millions of homes in North America have decks for entertaining and generally enjoying the summer months. Like the home itself, they are exposed to the elements and the decking has the additional wear burden of foot traffic, chairs and loungers as well as BBQs sitting on them. This case study concerns a small 140 square [...]

My Journey of Helping with Nigel Horsley

The number crunchers estimate Africa can create a $6 Trillion economic boost by fully empowering female workers and helping get over 600 million Africans access to reliable supplies of electricity. By and large the vastly huge rural populations provide most of the food, mostly from smallholdings with little or no access to electricity. Up to [...]

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Vancouver Fish Processing Plant Floor Coated With Ecodur

Fish processing plants use large quantities of water and small quantities inevitably end up on workers’ clothing and floors, hence the need for durable, waterproof floor coatings that will withstand innumerable and rigorous cleaning regimes to prevent the risk of bacteria causing contamination. This case study concerns a fish plant in Vancouver, BC, where a [...]

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