Non-Toxic, Affordable & Durable

Plant-Based Garage Floor Coating

For decades now, American homes have been much like castles. Their main entry point has been something of a portcullis affair with the main gate, in this case the garage door, being raised automatically.

Being the primary home entrance because we pretty much drive everywhere these days, it is nice to be able to add a designer style touch with the ultimate coating for the flooring that will look as shiny and attractive as a high-end car and truck sales area you see in showrooms.

Castagra has brought its world-famous coatings used to provide the ultimate protection for tanks, bridges, and other structures requiring the ultimate in protection, to private residences.

Normally, brand new homes with their pristine garage floors quickly become permanently oil and salt stained as the concrete flooring has no protection.

Now with Ecodur topped with designer urethane overcoat, you can get the ultimate showroom effect for your garage and your steel steeds that will last and last making you even more proud of your castle and its main gate!