Non-Toxic, Affordable & Durable

Green Floors, Green Garages, We’ve Got You, Naturally!

For almost a quarter of a century the famous veggie-plastic formula has been coating residential, commercial and industrial buildings and structures in the greenest way possible.

This plasticised gypsum is comprised of pure, renewable vegetable oil and naturally occurring gypsum. The unique and complicated chemistry provides an unprecedented robustness against some of the harshest chemicals and environments created by Man and Nature.

Tough tested too. Over 20-years of salt water submersion of test samples have shown no measurable degradation and real world use on the decks of sea going ships has demonstrated how particularly resilient it is in marine conditions.

But, Castagra’s Ecodur, for all its strength, can look attractive too. Hundreds of homeowners have turned their garages into veritable showrooms.

With the rising demand for the greenest, safest of coatings, Ecodur’s credentials are unmatched by conventional epoxies. Ecodur is completely free of toxic Volatile Organic Compounds, BPA-free, solvent-free, bio-inert, and is rated NSF-61 rated for use in contact with potable water.

If that wasn’t enough, it has a very high flame retardant rating, and can be applied in the harshest of cold conditions normally experienced in North America and Europe, far outperforming conventional epoxy coatings.

It has no time limit of being able to re-bond to previous Ecodur coatings, making repairs a snap. Nor is there a time limit on its dialled in flexibility, so important in high shock and vibration scenarios such as truck transportation where poor roads may be encountered.

So, whether it’s a residential, commercial or industrial roof, floor, facility, factory project, we’ve got you covered, naturally!

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