We’re better, faster and environmentally sustainable.

Castagra is an flooring and roof coatings company that has products that defeat some of the harshest environments that the natural and unnatural world can throw at it.

And, it does it naturally with renewable and recyclable products that are as simple as vegetable oil and common gypsum.

No emissions of nasty volatile organic compounds, no isocyanates, no petroleum chemicals, it is non-toxic and cheaper, faster, better, sprayable and with a 20-plus year pedigree of field-proven experience.

Approved and used by the world’s leading companies, this ‘plasticized gypsum’ is successfully addressing and giving longer life to all types of floor, roof and concrete structures.

Castagra is an American company headquartered in Reno, Nevada. It operates principally in Houston, Texas, where the bulk of the coatings are produced and developed.

However, its antecedent history includes coating the decks of C Class ferries in one of the biggest passenger ferry fleets in the world, where, more than 30 years ago, the veggie plastic coatings quickly proved they were considerably more effective than epoxies for the harsh marine environment of salt and sun.

With so much water having passed under the bridge so to speak, Castagra’s are truly field proven Ecodur with its extraordinarily high official fire rating and ANSI/NSF 61 potable water certification, is truly fit for purpose and certainly to the point where it is being actively requested by household name companies for use around the world for the toughest jobs.

What Castagra can be likened to is nature providing the raw materials to be combined to best fight the harsh conditions that the natural world – weather, sun, rain, ice – can throw at steel and concrete, and the truly extra nasty ones that result from industry’s tools of the trade – acids, alkalis, VOCs, inorganic compounds and mechanically induced movement, abrasion etc.

Those ingredients are renewable castor oil and cheap and abundant gypsum that occurs in many places in the US and the rest of the world for that matter. The resultant coating sticks to steel and concrete between 98 – 100% and 100% to wood type materials as it actually combines at a molecular level with cellulosic material.

It’s this simplicity, retained flexibility and inertness that is proving to be a great strength.

Ecodur has shown no detectable deterioration in seawater after 20 years and the frack coatings have double the life expectancy where failure can be measured in mere months for conventional coatings which have been known to fail in weeks with particularly aggressive chemicals.

Value Proposition

* Meeting the harshest demands for toughness, longevity, integrity
* Meeting the demands of sustainability and ‘green’ product policies
* Meeting the demands of health, safety and protection for workers
* Ease in how workers can be trained to handle and apply