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Ecodur 201: Denver Cannabis Floor Coating Project

Cannabis grow ops continue to expand as the full effects of the 2018 signing of the US Farm Bill last December impact positively on the industry and particularly in states such as Colorado which has had a long history of involvement. This case study concerns 4,500 square feet of older industrial space in Denver that [...]

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Ecodur 201: Coating Stan Lee

The US entertainment industry is huge. Movie box office receipts alone were $11.8 billion in 2018. The biggest earning movie last year was Marvel Studios’ Black Panther which grossed $700 million in the US alone. That year also marked the death of Marvel Studios’ publisher, Stan Lee, who did so much to revive the fortunes [...]

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Ecodur 201: Coating Canal Water Diverters

The United States’ canal systems are vast and vital. There are 165 major ones of which 38 still carry transportation. Seventy-six are abandoned transportation canals and 51 others are for irrigation, drainage, and industrial purposes. Adding in all the minor ones, and the grand total is 18,241. This case study concerns the Grand Valley irrigation [...]

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