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Versatile Veggie-Plastic Gets into Magnetic Flooring


Phoenix, AZ, July 5, 2018 – For 25 years a unique veggie-plastic has been protecting concrete and steel structures, now, moving with the new magnetic flooring breakout market, Castagra Products, Inc., has come up with a patent-pending magnetic flooring adhesive.

“This is a very exciting development for us as it addresses some key issues that have been making it harder for this market’s development,” stated Peter Roosen, CEO.

“Firstly, we can work with any flooring substrate type, including those in food preparation and storage facilities as we are VOC-free, BPA-free, non-toxic with our adhesive product which is made from vegetable oil. Secondly, we can magnetize the product on site and even at the tile manufacturing stage, providing maximum flexibility.”

Tile choice these days is very wide with even leather becoming popular as a magnetized product not only on walls but also floors.

“Magnetic tiles will certainly add to the creative palette in terms of design both in commercial and residential, but we see our principle market being large commercial and industrial flooring, particularly in big box stores and shopping malls where owners and operators want a competitive edge in overall look and appeal by being able to make floor design changes at will and cost effectively.”

Roosen said that it is also a green product with no compromise on performance whatsoever.

“These days, and certainly for us, our paramount concern is not just meeting the performance requirements for a successful product but also one that has maximum green credentials not just for the public who will walk on these floors but also the applicators who lay them.”

Roosen explained that in commercial applications, re-stocking can involve heavy machinery crossing floors. “This can be a huge challenge for more conventional magnetic flooring system where the sheer forces can actually cause the tiles to shift. By having the adhesion from the adhesive itself combined with the magnetic force, we eliminate all the but the effects of the most serious abuse.”

One major influence affecting the flooring market is the chronic shortage of qualified installers. It is considered a hard, physically demanding job with a lot of stress on the knees even when padded.

“Some market experts are calling the shortage of skilled labor a very real crisis right now which is a shame as we have a buoyant economy and a relatively high level of employment. The work is tough in many instances, but our product will help make installation easier and, certainly, cheaper and less time consuming.

“With our product allowing for an extremely wide range of flooring material options from the very top end of luxury materials to the simply durable, we think this will help spur on growth as it gets more widely adopted. It will also open up the opportunity for changing out the look of stores very rapidly.

“Of course, commercial clients can see that they can rapidly display messages and signage in floors with the minimum of disruption and cost. This opens up a whole new area of marketing,” continued Roosen.

Castagra’s adhesive comes in two gallon pails for North America and 10 liter ones for Europe. “We did some market research and found that these were the ideal amounts for installers in our major markets. You put too much in one application container and it ends up with wastage. However, we can actually alter the cure rate and also the hardness should the needs arise.

“Our adhesive has about half the Shore D hardness of our main coating product so it remains soft with a permanent level of adhesion. This means the magnetic flooring will always be easy to remove if and when a replacement is needed.”

“Magnetic flooring is certainly a paradigm shift in this industry and one we believe we have the very best and most versatile product for,” concluded Roosen.

Castagra Products Inc., has its registered office in Reno, Nevada, USA, and headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. It has its main toll production facility in Houston in Texas. The company is focussed on providing ultra-protective VOC-free, BPA-free, non-toxic coatings for roofing, water, waste water industries and oil, gas, frac production water storage tanks and pipes.