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Ecodur 201: Trout Pond Coating Project (6 years later)

Fish farming is a major global business currently worth around $176 billion a year and expected to rise to nearly $220 billion by 2022. The biggest producer is China which produces 62% of the world’s farmed fish. Russia is seeing a surge in rainbow trout production with 98% of the that nation’s output coming out [...]

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Ecodur 201: Coating an Ornamental Fish Pond

Ornamental fish, especially those in ponds where the public can enjoy them, are big business, especially large koi, the jewel of the carp family. In a well balanced watery environment they can live for a very long time and prime specimens can command eye-watering prices, although typically they will run from $15 up to around [...]

Ecodur 201: Coating a Keg Room

Beer goes back a long way. The oldest surviving beer recipe is contained in a Sumerian poem honouring the Goddess of Beer, Ninkasi, 3,900 years ago and ancient Chinese pottery has beer residue on pottery dating from between 5,400 and 4,900 years ago, shows it was brewed using barley and other grains. The production process [...]

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