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Ecodur 201: California Grow Op Floor Coating

Nine states and Washington, DC, have legalized marijuana for recreational use and medical marijuana is legal in another 29 states. In the next two years, the business is forecast to be worth around $7 billion in California.

Whilst, the federal authorities continue to regard its use as mostly illegal, grow op owners are anxious to meet the strictest production hygiene standards even while they don’t directly apply to them, hence this operator of a California facility wanting their flooring coated to the highest standards.



Grow ops are anticipating that they will eventually fall under strict USDA rules and they do not want sub-standard coatings to result in production shutdowns for failure to meet these regulations which are very strict for human ‘consumables.

The client was aware too that there are coating options where there is zero, or very low VOCs. Durability is a major consideration, as is the coating’s ability to withstand innumerable cleaning applications with disinfectants that can weaken conventional coatings.


Ecodur was chosen because it has zero VOCs and is completely non-toxic. Furthermore, it has had extensive use already in the marijuana production business where major labels have mostly kept away from involvement.

The coating’s history in marine on ship decks and its use in hundreds of frac production water and oil tanks has demonstrated its robustness, particularly when exposed to a wide variety of chemicals, including acids.

In the past few years, Ecodur has also been used in frozen food facilities where its certification for use in contact with drinking water demonstrates how safe it is to be used in food storage and handling facilities.

Made from castor oil and natural gypsum soft rock, it is essentially a harmless plasticised gypsum with the benefits of both. It retains its flexibility for its entire lifetime and, very significantly, it can be repaired easily during this time as it chemically re-bonds to original Ecodur surfaces should they get damaged.


Application Results

As with any coating job, the surfaces were swept clean and any debris removed. Under dry conditions the Ecodur was manually applied over about 7,000 square feet. An average depth of between 40 and 50 mils was achieved, being the optimum for this kind of application.

With zero VOCs, the remaining areas were permitted to carry on as normal with no interruptions. The coating was tack free in 30 minutes and declared fully cured after 24 hours of the final top coat, which, in this case, was white to maximise the reflectivity in what is a growing facility for plants.

The client subsequently reported complete satisfaction and plans are in hand to complete an additional 60,000-plus square feet of the facility’s flooring.