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Ecodur 201: Baseball Stadium Floor Coating Project


Baseball stadiums and parks hosts millions of fans every year, catering for a wide variety of needs. This case study concerns key upgrading of high traffic areas of one major US stadium which included restroom facilities where tough hygiene and cleaning routines had taken their toll on the conventional surface protective coatings in the 20-plus years of use.



Of paramount consideration was to upgrade floor surfaces using a coating that met the highest possible green credentials with zero Volatile Organic Compounds and zero toxicity. This was to not only protect the applicators but also the public and staff prior to and after coating completion. The coating was not, in any way, force a compromise on hygiene standards by having to use less effective, weaker disinfectants.

The client also wanted the coating to look good for the fans rather than industrial with no ‘smell’, tough performance and a quick turnaround for the entire job of only three days. Years of heavy use had left surface damage and overall dullness, so the coating was also required to self-level and fill in gashes and cracks making them undetectable and protected from further deterioration.



Castagra’s Ecodur already has a demonstrable record of success as a protective coating in other similar major facilities. Ecodur’s protection pedigree includes many hundreds of frac oil and production water tanks in US oilfields where fracking fluids contain a wide variety of chemicals, many of them extremely corrosive, more so than some conventional cleaners and disinfectants.

Of particular note is Ecodur’s permanently retained flexibility and ability to re-bond to original Ecodur surfaces if repairs are required. Conventional epoxies micro-crack often within days of application when the substrates, typically steel, is subjected to torqueing, heavy vibrations and even physical impact.

Of direct relevance, is Ecodur’s history of use in commercial and private garages, ship decks over 20 years ago, and even as a test strip on a road. It performs exceptionally well in traffic situations whether footfalls or vehicular traffic is heavy.

With the client’s concern for zero impact in terms of even the smallest traces of toxic emissions, including those from a cured product, it is notable that Ecodur has an ANSI/NSF-61 rating for contact with drinking water with zero toxicity. It also has a Class ‘A’ flame retardant rating.


Application Results

Preparations prior to coating ensured a dust-free, clean and totally dry application surface. The Ecodur was manually applied to a minimum depth of 40-50 mls. The applicators wore standard safety equipment giving them full eye and face protection and all other exposed skin was protected either by coveralls or gloves.

Ecodur’s phenomenal adhesion qualities – double most conventional epoxies – extends to human skin and tissue making it especially important to wear protective eyewear. The Ecodur was, as instructed, given a decorative finish with a Citadel Clear epoxy with flake colors as specified by the customer. It was tack-free within 30 minutes and all coated areas were considered fully cured within 24 hours of application.