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From Light To Heavy Industrial Flooring – The Coating For The Times.

Phoenix, AZ. “The public wants a greener environment. Light and heavy industrial customers want a coating to not only have the highest green credentials, but also the right price, performance and applicability,” stated Castagra Products, Inc.’s CEO, Peter Roosen. Ecodur, the simple, manually-applied, plasticized gypsum floor coating meets the highest environmental demands. It is widely [...]

Regaining Old-Time Coating Performance with ‘Natural Skin’ Ecodur

Phoenix, AZ. “We have one of only handful of coatings in the world that lasts as long as paints did over a 100 years ago. In the headlong rush to remove Volatile Organic Compounds, for instance, there has been a loss in durability and a global rash of coating failures. “One major factor has been [...]