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Ecodur 201: Coating a Cannabis-Based Medical Product Facility


In 2016, the North American legal marijuana product market reached $6.7 billion in revenue, up 30% from the year before, according to Arcview Market Research, a leading publisher of cannabis market research. By contrast, in British Columbia, Canada, the illegal market is estimated at CAD $5-7 billion annually.

Pro-cannabis legislation in US is acting as an enormous catalyst for the rapid growth rate which, in 2019, according to Kenneth Shea, an analyst for Bloomberg Intelligence, US sales of legal pot, are predicted to reach $11.6 billion, beating ready-to-eat breakfast cereal sales, which are projected to hit $9.3 billion.


This case study concerns another cannabis-based medical product site that has used Castagra’s Ecodur to help bring it up to a very high standard of hygiene. The company is the largest medical marijuana edibles company in Colorado.

Being a human consumable, many cannabis medical product companies are prudently anticipating being strictly regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration so they are opting to ensure their facilities have the highest level of protection against potentially harmful bacteria and contaminants.


But, the choices for protective coatings are highly limited. Conventional epoxy coatings often have unacceptable levels of Volatile Organic Compounds for many customers, and, whilst many will grip acceptably to concrete flooring, impacts and any floor movement can quickly cause micro-cracking, allowing dirt and bacteria to accumulate which can be very difficult to eliminate. Harsh cleaning products can also damage many conventional products.

Fast turn-around was also essential in this case. The company did not want extended shut-down as can happen with some conventional epoxy coatings that have lengthy cure times and can require employees to be well clear of application areas if harmful VOCs are being emitted.


Ecodur is not only VOC-free, solvent-free, and non-toxic, it has nearly 25 years of use in harsh environments such as ship decks and high-traffic areas.

Ecodur is NSF-61 certified for use in contact with drinking water, making it ideal for use in food storage facilities and, therefore, food preparation areas. It has double the adhesion of most other coatings and has coated the insides of hundreds of frac oil and production water tanks where it has been exposed and performed well against harsh chemical cocktails. Ecodur also permanently retains its flexibility and can be repaired during the entire lifetime of the coating as it readily re-bonds to repair coats.


In total about 10,000 square feet were coated with Ecodur, including the food grade commercial kitchen, oil extraction room and various other areas.

Application Results
Aside from the main protective and performance factors, fast turn-around was achieved. The applicators were able to coat during the Labor Day weekend so no need to shut down the facility.

The Ecodur was applied like all the flooring jobs. The Ecodur was ‘squeegeed’ out and back rolled to a smooth appearance with 18-inch-wide rollers. Then flakes were sprinkled and it was finally top coated with a clear, plural component epoxy. Slip resistance was added into the top coat to provide maximum anti-slip. Full cure was achieved within 24 hours.