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Veggie-Plastic Coating Proving To Be One-Stop Solution For Roofs


Phoenix, Arizona – “The roofing industry and urban environments are being very positively impacted by growing demand for green roofs which can not only extend roofs’ longevity, but also cut energy costs and reduce the impact of the heat sink effect,” stated Castagra CEO, Peter Roosen.

“We believe we have the one-stop solution. That is a veggie-plastic protective coating that not only provides the highest performance membrane for conventional roofs, but now for cool (non-vegetated) and green roofs.

“Typically, green roofs often need an additional protective membrane, a root anti-penetration layer, and a plastic drainage cell membrane. We believe a robust Ecodur roof coating will greatly simplify the overall process.”

Roosen said building owners and architects are constantly seeking ways to make their buildings as green possible.

“There is still a huge amount of inertia in how roofs are made and sealed and this due to a large extent by the hundreds of millions of dollars invested in conventional coatings and coverings, many of which are far from ideal when it comes to meeting the demands of reducing VOCs such as those in rubberised asphalt and EPDM where cleaners, adhesives and sealants are used emitting noxious vapors,” continued Roosen.

Castagra’s Ecodur is made from vegetable oil and naturally occurring gypsum, a soft rock mineral that emits water vapor when exposed to high heat. Ecodur is VOC-free, BPA-free, solvent-free, and can be used in contact with potable water having been given an NSF-61 rating.

“Of course, Ecodur is ideal for floors, especially in commercial applications are concerned such as kitchens, food storage lockers, and restrooms, where the highest level of integrity and cleanability is of paramount consideration.

“We recently completed a 60,000 square feet project in a major US stadium where the predominant focus was on the restrooms, food preparation areas and bars. The client appreciates that they can now keep critical surfaces spotless with far less effort. The original conventional coating had proven to be slightly porous which resulted in unsightly stains.”

Roosen concluded “The march to greenness for building exteriors and interiors is unstoppable. The one obvious fact is that if you start with zero nasties in the coatings and components, you are not going to add any, and, so, for many applications there is already now a one-stop green solution and that is our veggie-plastic coating Ecodur.”

Castagra Products Inc., has its registered office in Reno, Nevada, and headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. It has its main toll production facility in Houston in Texas. The company is focussed on providing ultra-protective VOC-free, BPA-free, non-toxic coatings for flooring, roofing, water and waste water industries and oil, gas, frac production water storage tanks and pipes.

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