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Ecodur 201: Garage Floor Coating Project

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There are 253 million cars and trucks on U.S. roads with an average age of 11.4 years. A very high percentage of them get housed snugly in garages away from the glare of UV, snow, salt, rain and ice. But, many Americans live in climactic conditions where they do not have to cosset their cars so much and, in many instances, they decide garage space is just a Man Cave in waiting.

The problem is, how to reduce the barrier to entry such as spousal opposition, and yet not make irreparable changes that might impact later when it comes to selling the property, as not every potential buyer might want to park their car inside garage with a highly unusual decor. Of course, done right, it can, in certain cases, add value to the property.

Conventional epoxies often require a special primer undercoat if the surface is highly porous and the concrete is in poor condition and no-one wants members of the household, including pets, exposed to harmful Volatile Organic Compounds and solvent vapors.

A growing trend is the ‘showroom’ finish garage floor. Not only does it show the treasured automobile to perfection, it forms the very basis for the Man Cave, home brewery, pool table, DIY center etc.

Ecodur, which is made of vegetable oil and gypsum, is inert, non-toxic, has no VOCs or solvents, and grips to concrete with about twice the adhesion strength of conventional epoxies and it does not require a primer undercoat.

Perhaps more importantly, it permanently retains a degree of flexibility protecting the integrity of the flooring should minor cracks occur. Should physical damage occur, it can also be repaired with fresh Ecodur as the coating naturally re-bonds to previous Ecodur coatings provided they are dry and clean.

An additional safety consideration is Ecodur has Class 1 fire retardant rating as heat makes it off-gas water vapor so that it becomes self-extinguishing. The coating is approved for contact with potable water.

As a final consideration for those wanting an absolute showroom shine, Ecodur readily takes a decorative topcoat identical to the one so favoured in automobile dealerships seeking to show off the cars and trucks to maximum effect. The film industry regularly wet down streets to provide the same effect.

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Application Results
Garage floors, particularly new ones, only need to be dry and well swept prior to the application of a 30 mil Ecodur coating which, typically, becomes tack free in about 30 minutes. Many conventional coatings can take up to eight hours to get to this stage. In garages such as the ones in the photos, the Ecodur has been applied manually but it can be sprayed if full vertical surfaces are involved.

Older floors, where there is some significant cracking, can benefit from some grouting, but typically Ecodur does a good job of seeping into them and providing a complete seal.
As can be seen from the photos, the overcoat, often with flecks, is very attractive and with the Ecodur as a base, it is set up to provide many years of service and benefit to the homeowner. The surface will be easy to clean and remain very stable because of the Ecodur base coat.