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Ecodur 201: Basement Coating Project


Unfinished home basements provide opportunities for extending living accommodation as well as areas for entertainment and storage. However, they can also provide a route for damp to rise through and cause damage from mold and saturation. Damp may not be obvious in terms of visible patches once it has entered an entire floor and walls.

This Colorado home’s basement suffered from damp ingress during extended periods of wet weather making it impossible to safely use it without risking damage. Given that the majority of contents of a basement are located on the flooring, providing a solid barrier physical barrier there will allow carpets and furniture to rest on a dry base, thus protecting them from damp creep and getting mold.

The protective barrier requires very high adhesion and retained flexibility as well as obvious qualities such as impact resistance and durability. Other requirements are the absence of any off gassing of volatiles both during application and subsequently as children frequently use basements as play areas.

Whilst not a ‘problem’ per se, attractiveness of the finish is also a strong consideration as it adds to the overall appeal of the home as an investment. The occupants of this home, which dated back to the 1960s, wanted their basement to look highly appealing in conjunction with solving the dampness and threat of mold issues as it would be become an active extension of their living areas.

Ecodur has no VOC’s. It has double the adhesion of the majority of epoxy coatings. Furthermore, it has, for all practical purposes, indefinite retained flexibility and the ability to be mended for the lifetime of the coating as it readily re-bonds to original Ecodur surfaces. In internal situations, its chemical stability and proven chemical resistance, mean that it has the potential to last long beyond the average life of a home. As an added consideration for occupants, it is rated for use in contact with potable water and is completely non-toxic, being made of vegetable oil and a commonly available, naturally-occurring mineral, gypsum.

From the aesthetic point of view, Ecodur has the advantage of readily taking decorative topcoats that benefit from the protective qualities of having the veggie-plastic base coating.


Application Results
A 30 mils coating was manually applied under ideal conditions. It was a period of the year with reduced rainfall and no visible wet patches that potentially could have caused reduced adhesion and the risk of blistering.

The occupants being out of any application zone continued living in the property as only the applicator team wore standard protective eye and skin protection. Ecodur adheres to human flesh but with no VOCs as previously stated and the complete absence of solvents either in content, application or clean-up, there was no risk to the occupants. Within 24 hours, at final inspection, the Ecodur had fully cured. The decorative urethane topcoat gave the desired showroom finish as evidenced in the photographs.

Subsequent reports from the occupants during wet weather periods when, typically, wetness had become highly evident, stated that there was a complete absence of damp. This is in line with Ecodur’s extensive use in municipal applications such as manhole covers which are directly exposed to heavy rain and run-off.