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Ecodur 201: Pretzel Factory Floor Case Study


Old buildings generally make ideal candidates for refurbishment if they are structurally sound and only require cosmetic work. In this case study, the building originated from the 1950s in Denver, Colorado, but had been empty for 20 years.

It is now the site of a thriving pretzel manufacturing business, but the factory flooring had seen better days and no amount of cleaning and general maintenance was sustaining it to modern regulatory levels due to the chipping and scoring.

No production manager wants to interrupt production during normally scheduled periods. They also do not want a renovation to be a lengthy one and involving coatings that might necessitate the evacuation of the current employees through potential exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds or solvent fumes.

The only period of normally scheduled closure was a three-day holiday period for Thanksgiving. For conventional epoxy coating projects, especially ones like this where a decorative overcoating would be applied, this would generally be far too short a period for the coatings to have cured fully especially with winter temperature conditions.

The applicator recommended VOC-free Ecodur 201M. The coating is virtually odorless with only a faint, pleasant smell of castor oil, a main ingredient, that is temporarily detectable to a few people during initial application. It is also made from naturally-occurring gypsum and with its potable water rating, it is a perfect choice for use near food products.

Furthermore, Ecodur has up to double the adhesion rates of conventional epoxies, and with its lifetime retained ability to completely fuse with any repair coats, it is ideal for use in heavy traffic areas such as production floors. It is also highly chemically resistant and is widely used in the fracking industry for tank coatings to protect against harsh chemicals. It is also used in large food freezer facilities in close proximity to product.

Ecodur does not contain or require the use of solvents in its application or clean-up, so, in general, workers can remain, if required, on shop floors provided they are out of any direct spray zone.


Application Results
The total area involved was approximately 2,500 square feet. The work was manual using a squeegee and rollers. Ecodur starts setting in an average of 30 minutes, allowing plenty of time to ensure a perfect surface.

The job was completed within the very tight three-day window with the production floor being released for full use. The battleship gray Ecodur had filled all the surface anomalies perfectly to a smooth finish with an average depth of coating of 30 mls, but larger for the indentations. A high-gloss decorative over coat with chips was applied for a showroom finish as evidenced in the photographs.

Ecodur has a 20-year antecedent history of use in high traffic areas such as public and high rise garages. With its exceptional retained elasticity and resistance to chemicals, the owners can anticipate a lifespan greatly exceeding conventional epoxy coatings which become highly susceptible to micro-cracking and delamination.