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Ecodur 201: Coating a Brew Pub Floor


The Brewers Association mid-year survey results announced in late July, 2016, showed an 8 percent growth in the first half of the year. Overall, the craft brewing industry contributed over $55.7 billion in 2014 and more than 424,000 jobs with 115,000 jobs directly at breweries and brew pubs. Colorado ranks first in the nation for economic impact per capita from this industry.

This case study concerns Walters 303 Pizzeria and Publik House in Denver, Colorado, which had an imminent USDA inspection coming up. The management needed to rapidly and safely upgrade bare concrete flooring in the food production area which started to deteriorate. The business was a mixture of new and old with the new being a tap room and pizza parlor and the old being the kitchen in the original restaurant.

Aside from safety and inspection concerns, management wanted the absolute minimum of disruption to the high-volume business and a floor coating that would be extremely robust for the strict and rigorous cleaning protocols for the food preparation area. The relatively confined space of the food preparation precluded the use of Castagra’s proprietary spray system, and the business opening hours also imposed a narrow work window.

Conventional coating solutions often have various levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and require the use of solvents for post coating clean-up. Many also require lengthy curing periods which can be two to three days long with the area off limits, which, of course, means no food being produced with a consequent loss in revenues, and hourly-paid staff being affected.

Ecodur is a non-toxic vegetable oil based polymer with a substantial content of non-toxic, naturally occurring gypsum. It has no VOCs, no BPA, and has a long history of heavy usage in municipal, residential car parks and garages, and on major concrete structures such as water and waste-water works.

In the oil and gas and fracking industries, it has been used in hundreds of tanks, many of which contain harsh and corrosive frac chemicals. It has double the ‘stickability’ of many conventional epoxy coatings and retains the ability to re-bond back onto previous Ecodur coatings for the entire lifetime of the coating, greatly facilitating repairs and touch ups.

Ecodur has a chemistry that can be manipulated to produce faster cure rates with no compromise on its outstanding performance. In this case, the project window was less than 24 hours from start to the finish point which was the arrival of the USDA inspectors.


Application Results
The Ecodur 201M was manually applied at 7 pm while the restaurant location was open for business. The old concrete had been thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed with a de-greasing agent and then left to dry completely. The Ecodur was fully cured within six hours and passed health inspection the following day at 2pm.

As can be seen from the photos, the Ecodur has achieved a high quality, visually pleasing effect with the incorporation of flakes and a high gloss over coating. With a successful USDA inspection, the management expressed complete satisfaction with disruption having been kept to an absolute minimum in the extremely tight time frame. With no odors from the Ecodur, the food preparation staff were equally satisfied that they could work immediately without any concerns as to possible food taint.