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Ecodur 201: Coating a Commercial Catfish Facility


Commercial catfish is an all American product contributing $4 billion dollars to each of the four main producing states, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. 10,000 people are employed in the state of the art facilities and associated businesses. The fish is the freshest of all fish products consumed by the American public, going from a live state to a product in a mere 30 minutes.
Cleanliness is the paramount priority to not only keep the product free of any possible contamination but also to preserve the highly desired flavor.

The concrete walls in the processing area and coolers of a major Catfish plant in Mississippi needed to be coated in order to maintain compliance with the USDA regulations for food products. With any kind of edible product, it is absolutely vital that a coating not only be non-toxic, but also it must not contribute any odor that can spoil taste. Fish is particularly susceptible to absorbing odors.

Additional considerations included durability, longevity and limiting downtime during the application process and no exposure to noxious fumes for employees.


Castagra’s Ecodur is made from pure vegetable oil and a naturally occurring mineral gypsum. In short it is a ‘veggie plastic’. It is free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), it is BPA-free and completely non-toxic. Importantly, it is also ANSI/NSF-61 rated for use with drinking water for humans, making it completely safe for use in food handling facilities. It also has a history of use in the food and agri-product industries.

It is incredibly durable and has double the adhesion strength of conventional epoxies while maintaining its flexibility for the entire life of the coating which can be decades. Saltwater tests over 20 years have shown no measurable degradation. It is widely used in the harsh chemical environments of frack production water and oil tanks.

Of additional relevance to the client’s concerns about their production process, Ecodur is readily sprayable and sets up in minutes with the applied area completely cured within 24 hours unlike conventional epoxies which can take two to three days to fully cure especially in cold conditions.

Furthermore, with the total absence of not only VOCs but also solvents in Ecodur’s contents, the application process was quick, as was the clean-up. Conventional epoxy products often require solvents for clean-up with waste disposal a costly and highly regulated process.


Application Results
The surfaces to be coated were cleaned, dried and any imperfections in the concrete were filled prior to the application. The project was performed over a weekend so as not to interfere with the normal production schedule. In many other cases, employees are able to continue working in close proximity during Ecodur coating applications.

The coating team was able to adjust the temperature to about 34 degrees Fahrenheit in the coolers to prevent moisture accumulation on the walls which could have compromised the coating process.
After the normal 24-hour cure period inspection, the premises were declared clear to resume full production. The work had been carried out by Allen Blasting and Coating, Inc. who reported the client’s complete satisfaction with the product both at the time of completion and also after production had been fully resumed.