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Ecodur 201: Coating Concrete at a Wastewater Facility

Hundreds of drinking water and wastewater plants in the US have either reached or long surpassed their projected service lives. In Littleton, Colorado, community demands and increasing repair costs had finally meant the death knell for its water treatment plant that was built in 1958. Construction on the new waste treatment plant is well advanced [...]

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Ecodur 201: Coating a Commercial Catfish Facility

Commercial catfish is an all American product contributing $4 billion dollars to each of the four main producing states, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. 10,000 people are employed in the state of the art facilities and associated businesses. The fish is the freshest of all fish products consumed by the American public, going from a [...]

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Ecodur 201: Trench Drain Coating

Terminals, whether at ports or inland locations, are the great portals of industry where vast quantities of goods and raw materials are handled. By their very nature, they are tough on infrastructure. Equipment and infrastructure has to be rugged. In this case study, a stretch of concrete trench drain at a terminal in Knoxville, Tennessee, [...]

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