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Castagra’s Veggie Plastic Coatings Go Canada-Wide in an Exclusive Deal with StonCor


RENO, NEVADA, March 1, 2016 – One of the most advanced anti­corrosion green coatings ever developed is going nationwide in Canada in an exclusive deal with StonCor, of Whitby, Ontario, after years of successful application in the oil and gas fields of the US. Castagra Products CEO, Peter Roosen, said “This is a major step along the path of building product volume and profitability. It comes after our coatings have proven themselves in one of the toughest corrosion­ prone industries in the world, the fracking industry.

“We have also had remarkable success in the water and waste water industries where the green, non­toxic properties of Ecodur have come to the fore as it is not only tough but free of VOCs, completely non­toxic, and does not require the use of solvents at all.”

Roosen said that licensing off an entire country on exclusive basis to a single company followed substantial due diligence and consideration about long term goals such as profitability and maximizing value for Castagra’s shareholders.

“For more than 90 years, StonCor has set the standard for installing high performance polymer floor, wall and lining systems. Not only does StonCor understand infrastructure protection and preservation, providing a single source for corrosion and abrasion protection needs, it has the highest level of training for its operators, something we at Castagra most appreciate as safety is number one,” commented Roosen.

StonCor Group Canada, an RPM International Inc. company, is the Canadian leader in providing innovative solutions to protect and enhance its customers’ infrastructure by combining the products, services and resources of four world leading corrosion and abrasion control companies – Stonhard, Carboline, Fibergrate and StonCor Construction Products Group.

Castagra, a Nevada ­registered private corporation, is an oil and gas and wastewater industries protective coatings company that has products that defeat some of the harshest corrosive environments the natural and unnatural world can throw at steel and concrete.

Castagra’s main product Ecodur is made of naturally­ occurring gypsum and renewable vegetable oil which, when plasticized, produces a highly chemically resistant and flexible coating that is even NSF­61 rated for use in contact with drinking water.