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Ecodur 201: Coating a Factory Floor with a Dock Leveler

Coating Factory Floor and Dock Leveler_sm

A global leader in spunlaced nonwoven fabrics had chosen to locate in Tennessee. Their building had an extension added to the factory a few years previously by the former owner. During the expansion, the then owner had not removed the dock leveller frame or finished the area properly.
Dock levelers bridge the gap between a truck and the loading bay and are the primary entry and exit point for the safe and effective movement of production materials and finished products.

The leveler frame was hazardous and causing automated factory equipment to occasionally get damaged or hung up there. Furthermore, numerous cracks made the general area unsightly and was not in keeping with the desired appearance for an ultra-modern production facility.
Automated production areas require perfectly flat and smooth flooring that not only allows automated machinery to move easily but also makes cleaning easier.

Aside from aesthetic and safety goals, the client not only wanted to have the area coated in a product that avoided the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (‘VOCs’) that could have pervaded the factory floor, but also a product that was non-toxic and exceptionally robust for what is a high traffic area.

Ecodur 201M was chosen. The antecedent history of this plasticised gypsum formulation goes back over 20 years and has been shown to be exceptionally robust on steel and concrete. It has proven to be an ideal choice in carparks both indoors and outdoors, especially those where winter conditions result in exposure to road salts. With its use on mobile frack tanks, Ecodur has demonstrated very high resistance to direct impacts.

Preparation is key to any successful coating. A coating crew went in the ground down the dock leveler frame with a grinder and used mortar to fill cracks. Once all surfaces were dust free and dry, the Ecodur was applied manually to an approximate thickness of 30mils.

Application Results
With particular attention being paid to preparation and removal of the hazards, the surfaces to be coated were in prime condition for the super adhesive Ecodur which has double the grip qualities of conventional epoxy coatings. With no VOCs or solvents involved whatsoever the building was not invaded by noxious fumes and work could be carried on uninterrupted outside the immediate coating area.

A state of non-stickiness of the Ecodur was achieved in the standard 30-minute period. This indicated a satisfactory blending of the two-part mix. At the 24-hour point a full inspection of the work was carried out. No anomalies were found in the coating and the site was released back for full production. With conventional epoxy coatings, this period can extend to three days.

It should be noted that not only does Ecodur retain its flexibility for the entire lifetime of the coating but also it retains its ability to molecularly bond to any repairs made with new Ecodur. Ecodur is also not limited as to thickness during application so gouges, holes and tears can be readily mended years later. The client expressed full satisfaction with the coating and especially with the absence of odors.