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Ecodur 201: Coating BP tanks in WY (EPC)


British Petroleum (‘BP’) is one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies with extensive operations throughout the US. This case study concerns the company’s ongoing program of maintenance for its 300 and 400 BBL tanks at its facility in Wyoming.

Wyoming is harsh in winter with extremely cold conditions that make any kind of conventional coating application a tough proposition or simply impossible when temperatures fall below freezing. Maintenance coating programs should not be stopped for long winters as the corrosive effects of production water’s acids on steel do not cease.

BP not only wanted exceptional low temperature application performance but also a coating with no Volatile Organic Compounds, low to zero toxicity and high resistance to acids and other chemicals that occur in production water and sour crudes.

The focus of the protective spraying were new and rehabilitated tank bottoms that were prepared to proper NACE standards. Conventional epoxy coatings can encounter difficulties where extra thickness of coating is required.

Ecodur was chosen primarily for its ultra-low temperature performance down to minus 25 Centigrade (-13 degrees Fahrenheit) with the basic requirement of having a dry surface with a temperature that is at least four degrees above the location Dew Point. Ecodur is completely VOC-free and non-toxic with its main constituents being the common mineral gypsum and castor oil.

With the natural variations in conditions that are encountered between new and rehabilitated steel tanks, Ecodur is not limited as to how thick it can be applied. This is often critical where prepped perforations need extra protection.

Ecodur, because of its unique chemistry, readily re-bonds to its own original coatings regardless of the elapsed time. This is especially important for touch ups and repairs that may come months or even years later. It also retains a high degree of flexibility and shock resistance for its entire life.
Castagra’s unique design of spray head also means vertical surfaces are sprayed uniformly, even hard to access areas.


Application Results
Ten tanks were sprayed to 30 mils coating thickness with Ecodur 201S with no extra heating required despite the winter conditions. With no VOCs present the crew only required the standard protective gear. Similarly, with no solvents involved at any stage, either in content, application process or clean up, there was minimal waste disposal post job completions.

Surfaces were tack dry within the usual 30-minute period and full cure was achieved at an average 24-hour when final inspections were made and the tanks released for use.

The client confirmed that expectations had been met with particular regard to superior winter application performance over conventional epoxy coatings and the absence of VOCs.