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Ecodur 201 and Agrathane 530: DIY Garage Floor Coating Job


Garages may not be as fancy the world’s first planned one in 1910 in Germany that Carl Benz had built like a mini-castle. Today residential ones typically have concrete floors that start out in pristine condition but quickly get affected by oil drips, magnesium chloride laden salty water dripping off vehicles during winter, the general effects of foot traffic and even workshop activities where the garage does double duty. Snow and ice removal salts are particularly harsh on concrete.


The client wanted his garage to look like an automobile showroom with a gleaming floor to complement his vehicle and add value to the property. Traditional epoxies generally do not have long-term resistance to foot and vehicular traffic, often quickly showing micro-cracking and letting in moisture that works to loosen the coating’s grip on the floor. Simply applying a high gloss polyurethane was not a practical solution. What was needed was a firm and resilient base coat that would provide the required long-life base foundation.


Ecodur is VOC-free, BPA-free, infinitely rebondable for practical purposes, and easy to apply even manually. It self levels, sets up rapidly, and sticks to concrete with twice the adhesion of conventional epoxy coatings. Furthermore, it is completely non-toxic and is actually certified to applied where there will be contact with potable water.

The Ecodur 201M came in a five gallon pail. The edges of the garage in Evergreen, Colorado, were taped off and the floor completely swept of any dust and debris and was dry to provide a perfect application surface and ensure no overlapping. The work only required a roller to apply the coating evenly.

This established the base for a final coating of Castagra’s new polyurethane product, low-VOC Agrathane, which was mixed with colored chips to provide a non-slip surface combined with the high quality visual finish required by the client.

The application was done with standard safety equipment, including safety glasses and a disposable coverall. Ecodur, as with any coating, has the potential to cause damage to human tissue prior to it setting.


Application Results
The application, as evidenced by the photograph, provided the client with the ‘showroom finish’ he required as well as a low-maintenance one that will ensure the finish remains looking good for many years to come.

With a 20-year antecedent history use in high occupancy buildings and municipal parking stalls, as well ferry ship decks, it is anticipated the two layer coating will last well beyond the life of conventional epoxy coatings and retain its finish too.

The project demonstrated the viability of both Ecodur in combination with Agrathane as a viable alternative to conventional epoxy coatings for residential use, and not just garage floors.