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A Veggie-Plastic Coating May Be A ‘White Knight’ For Threatened Yellow Cedar

Reno, Nevada, August 26 2015 – With Yellow Cedar edging ever closer to joining the US Endangered Species List, a vegetable oil based plastic may be its white knight when it comes to helping reduce pressure on its use for repairing giant wood water flumes. The veggie-plastic has the unique property of molecularly bonding to [...]

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Ecodur 201 and Agrathane 530: DIY Garage Floor Coating Job

Garages may not be as fancy the world’s first planned one in 1910 in Germany that Carl Benz had built like a mini-castle. Today residential ones typically have concrete floors that start out in pristine condition but quickly get affected by oil drips, magnesium chloride laden salty water dripping off vehicles during winter, the general [...]

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Ecodur 201 after 15 months of Crude Oil Service

We recently got these photos from a happy client. These Ecodur 201 internal tank photos were taken after 15 months of crude oil service