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Used Armenco Dual Shaft Disperser Mixer / Blender for Sale

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Primary Description: 30/60hp, ARMENCO, variable speed, dual shaft, DISPERSER / BLENDER

60/30 HP ARMENCO VARIABLE SPEED TWO SHAFT DISPERSER Air / Oil Lift, FL MT, 60 HP 460 Volt Variable High Speed Shaft, 30 HP 400 Volt CS Sweep Blade Variable Low Speed Shaft, 22″ FL Clearance with 1250 Gallon CS JTKD Dish Bottom Batch Tank on Legs 72″ Diameter X 66″ Straight Side + 10″ Dish, 3″ Bottom Discharge, 95″ OH with mezzanine and load cell weighing system. Jacketed batch tank c/w portable electric hot water heating system.

6030 HP ARMENCO_sm